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Alright, so hopefully this week the videos load correctly. Otherwise I may have to do some research as to why I can’t upload more than one video in a post.  So! A few brief acknowledgments: The SYTYCD app is kinda awesome. It syncs to what you’re watching (recorded or live) and gives you cool facts and tips and dance info. Secondly, I LOVE it when Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a guest judge! (Okay, so the videos still aren’t working. Instead, I included links. Click on the title of the dance routine, and it will take you to the YouTube clip. It’s the best I can do for now).

Group Number Was pretty dang sweet. I loved the concept and the movement and the fact that they brought in a new choreographer. Anyone else noticing the pattern that Cyrus is always put in the back of group numbers?

Whitney & AS Twitch I was hesitant with this number. I kinda rolled my eyes when I found out it was Whitney that was doing the East Coast hip hip with Twitch. My faith wavered in the beginning when they were walking on stage. But as soon as they started dancing, I was literally blown away, jaw on the floor. I barely even saw Twitch dancing because I was so focused on Whitney. She brings it 100% every time she dances. She’s so pliable with styles. And really, I think she’s the only one on the show right now that could’ve hung in there with Twitch on that number and still outshine him. Well done, I thought it was great.

Cole & AS Allison I love Sonya’s routines and I love Cole, so I thought this would be a match made in heaven, but I’m sad to say it wasn’t (for me, anyway. The judges loved it). I thought the music was a bit distracting for the number, and Alison is such a GREAT dancer and an AMAZING actor, that there was no way Cole could dance well enough to be louder than she was.

Eliana & AS Ryan This was such a fun character number and Eliana NAILED it! Ryan is such a great partner in his dances that it’s hard not to make them shine, but she does it well enough on her own.

Lindsey & AS Alex I thought this was a pretty interesting number and not to jazzy for me (I’m not a fan of jazz). I thought it interesting that it wasn’t screaming “Sonya!” either.

Will & AS Lauren Way to go, Will. I loved the seriousness he was able to get across, especially since he is so goofy all the time. I loved the concept and choreographed execution of the number.

Cyrus & AS Melanie Soooo happy to see Melanie! And she’s as cute as ever. I thought this was a cute number, and Cyrus was having such a blast doing it. He really is a great person and it comes across so well on television. Even if he doesn’t with this competition (which I don’t think he should, even though he’s my favorite and I love him), he will go far in life and have many, many opportunities because he’s just that kind of guy.

Chehon & AS AnyaLOVED this tango. I loved the fact that Chehon was in it, that he was paired with Anya, that the choreographers put in a lot of ballet jumps in the beginning, that it wasn’t as aggressive as most tangos are, and that it was sultry and beautiful. This was my favorite routine of the night.

Tiffany & AS Ade I liked this routine, but I was so distracted by the size difference between the two dancers that that’s all I could focus on. His hand covered her entire stomach, people! He couldn’t extend all the way in the arm holds/framing because his were so long and hers were so short. It looked like he was tossing around a doll in the lifts and dancing with a little girl. It wasn’t one of my favorites.

Cyrus Solo – I always love to watch him dance in his element

Eliana Solo –  She’s such a beautiful ballerina

Cole Solo – So powerful! And beautiful

Whitney Solo –  Not as powerful as Lindsey’s, but good none the less

Chehon Solo – I could watch him dance for hours. He’s such a good male ballerina

Lindsey Solo –  I thought she killed her solo. She did great

Will Solo –  Not gonna lie, I skipped his solo

Tiffany Solo – Her’s too

Who went home? Lindsey and Will. Which is okay with me, I figured it would be them. Only two more shows and then the finale! I would like to see Eliana and Chehon win this season. I think next week Tiffany and Cole will go. What about you? What are your predictions? Were you okay with who went home?

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