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Break it down now

Alright, so I had a bad morning. It was busy. I was running around the house like a crazy person. Moral of the story: I forgot my notes for SYTYCD. I know. So sad. Needless to say, it won’t be until I get home from work today that I get to post my thoughts on what happened. In the meantime, watch the dances. I found them all but Ricky’s.

Guest Judge: Neil Patrick Harris (I always refer to him as Doogie Howser. Does that date me too much?)

Announcements: Next week, it’s a new batch of All Stars!

Jordan and AS Brandon

Melanie and Pasha

Sasha & AS Twitch

Tad & AS Comfort

Marko & AS Chelsie

Caitlynn & AS Pasha

Jess & AS Kathryn

Clarice & AS Robert

Mitchelll & AS Melody


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