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Hi, My Name’s RaeLynn & I’m a Book-a-holic

I have bibliophilia. Look it up. I think a lot of us have it. And it’s the best “condition” out there. I love buying, collecting and reading books. In fact, I’m involved in many official and unofficial book clubs because—let’s face i

t—I love books.

I have two bookCASES filled with books I have yet to read, plus a pile behind the couch in my reading room, and yet another bookcase filled with books I have read and kept. There’s the book club that girls and I have going on in my dance class, one with a couple other readers at work, one called 3rd@3 at my local bookstore (where I also have my writing group), the Target book club and my two favorites—Costco and Amazon. I’m a sucker for books.

It’s easy for me to spend the day reading and writing, so I thought I would combine the two and start reviewing and posting my thoughts about books I have recently read. I’m also going to keep a growing list of books that I’ve read, a quick blurb about them and rate them, hopefully to help you out. I think this will also help me to post more on my blog.

My husband has disappeared all weekend to hunt, which is fine with me. I’ve been reading, working on a new YA novel and spending time with Sass. It’s been a good weekend and hopefully by next week I will have finished an AMAZING book and will have a book review ready for you. 🙂 We’ll see how that goes. I aim high and sometimes hit my target.

The marathon training is trudging along. I have to admit that I am not as devoted as I was when I first started. It’s easy to run a mile a day for five days, but it’s a lot harder to run three miles a day for five days. I can imagine how hard it’s going to be to do 13.1 miles a day for five days. I’m hoping I can make it. I really want to do Robie Creek in April.


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