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Liebster Blog Award!

I had a great surprise yesterday! Heather over at Into the Cuckoo’s Nest (a great blog with YA book reviews sprinkled with Heather’s funny personality) nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! Yay! Thanks, Heather! You all should go check her out.

Who me? You’re sure? Positive? Why THANK YOU!

Now, I know a number of you are asking, “What the heck is the Liebster Blog Award?” Well, let me tell you. It’s an award handed out by fellow bloggers to blogs with fewer than 200 followers. The goal of doing this is to recognize stellar, lesser-known blogs and hopefully get their blogs out there to become more known.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award 2. Nominate up to 5 other bloggers for the award 3. Let them know you’ve nominated them by putting a comment on their blog or sending them a tweet 4. Post the award on your own blog 5. (this one was added by Geeky Tendencies via inspirenordic) Follow my blog and consider signing up for the A to Z Challenge. It’s a great way to find new and interesting blogs, it helps people find your blog, and you meet new bloggers. Who knows? You might just meet (and cross) that 200 followers mark!

I’m gonna try for the 5th one, but no promise. I’m busy folks. I’m sure you all can relate. Okay, here are my five nominations:

Beth Albright over at The Sassy Belle. This is a genuine belle from ‘Bama who roots for the Crimson Tide all the way. I first met her at SFWC 2011 and since then, she’s been like a sister to me. Her blog is full of fun southern stories from her childhood. Look out for her, ‘cuz when she hits the publishing world, she’s goin’ to be a storm to reckin’ with!

Dave over at Dave DiGrazie. This is another amazing writer I met at SFWC back in 2011. His blog is amazing and really shows off his skills as a talented writer and always something interesting to say. While you’re there, check out his recently published book, Von Lagerhaus, and keep an eye peeled for his soon to be released, See John Play.

Pam Brewer over at Reading Fun. In to romance books? Check out Pam’s blog. Chances are, if it’s out in the market, she’s read it. Her reviews are concise and spot on.

CM Talbert over at Water on Rock.I met Clint at (you guessed it) SFWC 2011 and instantly became fast friends with him. He’ll probably be one the the smartest, well-rounded, funny, easy-going, individuals you’ll ever meet. Actually, he earned two nicknames that year, Jack of all Trades and Chief Imagination Officer. And while his blog is mostly technical, it’s 100% him, talking about all things under the sun with his own charm and humor. Check it out.

Madison Paige over at The Writer’s Chronicles. While it’s a newer blog and she doesn’t post very often, what she does post is always worth reading.

So go forth and check them all out. They’re are, in one word, FANTABULOUS. 🙂


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