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Running like a fiend

So, I’ve started running again cuz my pants were getting a little more snug than I was comfortable with (FYI – a 45 min Pilates class per week + an insatiable appetite for BWW Asian Zing Wings and Coldstone’s Chocolate Devotion with almonds DOES NOT equal a smaller pant size).

Apparently, nature has designed my body so that I can’t only run to lose weight. After all, why make it easy on me? I have to start making wiser decisions with food, too. Which sucks. And, is overrated (beyond anything I’ve ever had to do before). In my opinion, food was put on this earth for me to enjoy. To stuff my face with and have no reserve or qualms about the calorie intake homemade-from-scratch Mississippi Mud Pie gives me.

But I have to start deciding what I really want: a fistful of celery and pants that fit –or– chocolate cake crumbs on a rotund tummy while I lounge on the couch in my Wal-Mart special drawstring sweatpants? Decisions, decisions. Why, oh why can’t I have both?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, goodies are fine to eat…as long as you tack on that horrible little “in moderation” phrase at the end.


But today is the day! “The day” was supposed to be sometime last week, but I failed that deadline the second I set it (Hubby asked me to make some sopapilla). So, today is the new day. Hubby’s birthday is at the end of the month, and I am DETERMINED (all caps to show just how serious I am about all this) to fit—and then some—once again, into that little black dress I purchased a month or so ago for when we go out to dinner. Then, maybe I’ll have the courage to buy a bathing suit (I haven’t done that since my freshman year in high school).


I was stretching in the gym at work waiting for Hubby to pick me up yesterday (I usually have an hour and a half until that happens), preparing to put on my tennis shoes and run a 5k, when Hubby sends me a text.

“Be there in 5!”

What?! I’m just getting ready to stomp the crap out of the treadmill!

I promptly sent him a text of how he ruined my exercise regimen and that I was just getting ready to kick some miles’ a** (good thing he couldn’t see me racing back to the changing room so I could get out of my running clothes. With a smile.).

Needless to say, I wasn’t too disappointed that I didn’t get to run. But today is a new day!


As motivation to stay away from the sugar and breads, I have it hanging on my pantry door. Hubby says it’s in the way. I just smack his hand away whenever he tries to take it down.

Happy Thursday, everyone!!


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