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Story Cubes!

So, the A2Z Blogging Challenge made me realize something: Random writing prompts are fun, simple, and good exercise. I’ve had these story cubes for a while (Wal-Mart for only five bucks) and have played with them and thought I should let you guys use them, too.

So, every Thursday, i’ll give the dice a roll, throw a theme out there and urge you to spend no more than 500 words telling a story using all nine cubes (feel free to use artistic interpretation for the cubes’ contents). Maybe I’ll have you email them to me and I’ll pick a winner and you’ll win something yet-to-be-decided but still ultimately cool.

What’day think? Should we try that?

Theme: A crazy vacation

So! Write your story, email it to me, and I’ll pick a winner and announce the prize on my blog the next week. 🙂 This will be fun!

The ? is a freebee


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