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Update 8.4.10

Since my last post, I have completely rearranged my last three-quarters of my novel. I changed the timeline as far as when one of the main characters finds out a big piece of information and I’ve killed off a character. I feel better. With those changes, it was smooth sailing, and everything made so much more sense. I wish I would have figured it out sooner. But, now I have finished my fifth and final draft of my first novel ever. It has taken fourteen months in total and was worth every second. I sent my ms to an online publisher so I could have a physical copy in my fat little fingers and am eagerly awaiting it. I am working now on my query letter (which is looking to be harder than writing a 130,000 novel) and scouring the internet, magazines, books, and organizations for potential agents. I’ve purchased a day planner to keep track of my progress and whom I’ve submitted to and when I hear back from them. I think that when I get my rejections, I will be oh so original and decorate the walls of my office with them. To prepare for the rejections I know will come; I have drawn up some positive index cards. Whenever I get a “yeah right!” email or letter, I will whip one of those babies out and all will be right in with the world again. Here are some examples of what I have put together. “Congratulations. If you’ve reached this card and received at least five rejections, go and get a new pair of shoes.” (Haven’t told my hubby about that one yet). “Steven King had his first four novels rejected.” “Way to go! Another agent gave you the time of day. Now go eat that pint of Hagan-daas.” And my personal favorite, “Who cares what he thinks. You’re pretty.” Through this whole adventure, my husband has been amazing and supportive. More than I thought he would. He’s actually taking this seriously, sat down, and read the first chapter of my novel. He thought it was wonderful, as was expected. But went a step beyond. He’s actually taking an interest and part in this process, giving tips, talking to his author friends and relaying to me the most important part of this whole process is the query letter. It’s sweet.

The other night, I read to him the first five or so chapters. When I finished, I asked him, “Honestly, what’d ya think?”

He looked at me with wide eyes and awe and said, “Wow. That sounded like a real book!” Thanks, Hubby. I think his main motivation for me making it, is so he doesn’t have to work anymore.


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