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People think being a part of the Corporation grants you power and freedom. But with Ethan Hughes, it cages him with expectations and propriety. The son of the Corporation’s President, he will do anything to call his life his own.


We all know the love story of Karis and Ethan—how they met by chance at Ajna’s Jatis and then again when Karis broke into the Inner City.


Or did Ethan carefully curate them?


Karis thinks she’s in love with someone who despises the Corporation as much as she does and is fighting to break the injustice that enslaves Neech, but is there more to their relationship? Is Ethan really who he claims to be?


Heir is Ethan’s story, a novella that sheds light onto what brought Ethan and Karis together in the first place, and if his intentions are really as true and pure as he claims.

Heir: A Corporation Novella

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