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The first thing you need to know about RaeLynn Fry is that she hates writing about herself in the third person, but she has been told it is more "professional", so this is her attempt at being a grown up.

RaeLynn loves all things Young Adult: books, tv shows, movies, and discussions. She loves the newness that YA brings and the experiences that come with growing up. She reads and writes voraciously; sometimes it just takes her a little longer than others to finish.

She has been married for a LONG time and has two beautiful girls. She lives in the amazing state of Idaho and loves doing anything outdoors. She used to be a competitive Irish dancer and if you ask nicely, she may just dance you a genuine jig. She has an unhealthy obsession with expensive handbags and too-tall high heels. And office supplies. And books. And fine point pens (because those are, honestly, the only kind any of you lot should be using). She loves the X-Files and Jesus, but not in that order.

Overall, she's pretty laid back, disorganized, and pretends to have an astute attention to detail. But that is a lie she will readily admit. She also has a killer personality and great sense of humor.

She has a passion for writing and supporting the writing community and young authors. She is one of the founding members of #TheWriterCommunity.

There, she did it. How'd she do?

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