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Lo siento for the tardiness of this.

Ah, Thursdays. Bittersweet as they are, I was content with last night’s results.

Cat’s dress was amazing, there was a performance by Rage Crew (the little ‘uns are still my favorite) and LMFAO performed. Where do I start with them? How about here, did anyone else get the feeling they were lip-syncing? And what’s with the 80’s gear? Please boys, shop in your own section for pants. And someone needs to tell the guy with the box on his head, dancing around doing the running man that that’s just plain creepy. But I’m not a hater, I have this song on my iPod. I learned something new last night, the dancers get $250k for winning! I had no idea. Cat brought up a very valid point – that’s A LOT of shoes! Their group number was a lot of fun choreographed by the wonderful David Scott.

On to business!

The first group brought on stage consisted of Missy & Wadi, Sasha & Alexander, and Caitlynn & Mitchell. My vote went to Missy & Wadi and I was right. Mitchell started crying when they showed clips of his routine the night before. Why, I have no idea.

Second up was Miranda & Robert, Jordan & Tado, Melanie & Marko, and Iveta & Nick. Iveta and Nick were voted in the bottom three. Again, no surprise there.

Last, were Ryan & Ricky, Clarice & Jesse, and Ashley & Chris. I was caught off guard with this one. I thought for sure Clarice & Jesse would be in the bottom, but it turned out it was Ricky & Ryan.

Solos There is no doubt that Wadi is a great B-Boy. But I don’t think he brought what was needed to his solo and his audition was far more impressive. Missy kicked herself in the face at the beginning, literally. I’m pretty sure of it. I didn’t feel that her solo was a solo, either. It seemed like it was a series of tricks to some really crappy music. Nick, nick, nick. You’re a talented tapper…so why didn’t you bring it to your solo???? There was hardly anything there that was impressive, and there was very little tapping. I was happy that Iveta was in the bottom 3 because I love to watch her dance, and she didn’t disappoint. But let it be said, it is hard to do a ballroom solo without a partner. Ricky was the only one, I felt, that danced for his life. His solo was powerful, strong, and so masculine. It was amazing. Ryan didn’t bring anything in her solo. Bottom line. But out of the three girls, I know the judges will keep her.

So, who stayed and who went home? Two couples were cut to make up for last week. And they were Nick & Iveta and Missy & Wadi. Really no surprise for me. I think next week it Jesse & Clarice will come close. But, we’ll have to wait it out and see.


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