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Breaking News: Re-writing Queries Renews Writer’s Hope!

I send my queries out in batches. Usually about 10 at a time, and because of my hectic schedule, it can be anywhere from 3-5 weeks between batches. In however long I’ve been doing this, I’ve found my secret for getting through the disappointment of the no’s and the dreaded “no responses”. It’s this:

Rewrite the query.

Yup, that’s it. Nothing else. Somehow, re-working the query allows me to find a better way to pitch my story, a new direction to come from, a better voice to tell it in. And, it renews my hope. It gets me excited again. I finish a new draft and think: This is the one.

And chances are, it probably isn’t. I’ll probably have to do a few more versions to get it good enough to start getting a “yes” instead of a “no”. But, for the moment, this is good enough. The hope and positive thinking this may be the draft that my agent falls in love with is enough to get me through.

The fact that every other writer on the face of the planet has gone through/is going through this process just like me helps immensely.

Oh, and the over sized bowl of buttered popcorn. Can’t forget to mention that. 🙂

Happy Thursdays, my friends! Friday is almost upon us!

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