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Crackin’ the Whip

A year ago I started to write my very first book. Finally it is ready for the agent! Sort of. I just have to put all of my paper edits onto my computer files and then it’s off to the agent! Well, there is the matter of the dreaded query letter. But then, it’s off to the agent! Bottom line, it had better be ready by the first of July, cuz that’s what I have written on my calendar and by golly, once it’s written there, there’s no going back! 🙂 What is my book about, you ask? Let me tell you. The Heir is the first of four in the Dark Moon Series. It is a Young Adult Fantasy of about 127,000 and it is about vampires. Yes, vampires. And no gasping or groaning or eye rolls. Yes, you in the back there, I can see you. This isn’t your typical Twilight. It is darker and more detailed and I dare say more in-depth. (crosses fingers and holds breath) I shall post a synopsis and you can take a gander for yourself. –Me

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