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Ever notice that saying a certain word enough times makes it start to not make sense?

Take “follow” for example. At first glance, it’s a normal word, but as you start flipping through hundreds of “follow me” Twitter buttons for your blog, it becomes strange and foreign. You start to question the existential meaning of the word. Where did it come from? What does “to follow” truly mean? I don’t really care; I just thought it was an interesting phenomenon.

I’m “fashionably” late to the whole Twitter craze. At SFWC, I had someone ask me if I was tweeting, since I was at the lunch table and on my phone. I explained that Twitter wasn’t on my radar at the moment and that I was texting. I got a very informative mini-lecture that Twitter is all-important and it should be on my radar. Roger that.

I never was one to stand up to peer pressure, and this is no different. So, I re-activated my Twitter account and now have a grand total of TWO tweets. 🙂

I don’t promise I’ll have anything overly interesting to say, but I have added a rather cute “Follow me” button on the top right of my blog. Feel free to click on it and become one of the first followers!

The End.


try{ clicky.init(17307); }catch(e){}

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