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Freebee Friday!!!

People often say to me, “The media gives so much attention to Michelle Obama and her ‘toned’ arms, but really, she has nothing on you”, to which I offer a shy smile, a modest shake of my head, and politely say it’s not true.

Then, with a casual stretch, I ever so subtly strike a body-building pose to properly show off my arms and shoulders.

Not really, but that was fun.

Seriously, though. I don’t think it’s that big of a mystery how we women get amazing arms and shoulders with the things we have to carry around on a daily basis. Kids, groceries, shopping bags, purses.

For me–along with working out at the lowest level possible–I have my purse to thank. I call it my Mary Poppins Handbag, because it has everything but the kitchen sink in it.

Because, come on, what if I get stranded and need something to eat or drink? Disaster averted! Water bottle and Zone bars!

What if I get bored in the sporting goods store with Hubby? Problem solved! Five books and a game-packed Droid for entertainment and variety.

Sudden genius book idea strikes? No worries. Notebooks abound (and sometimes, even my hp mini is present).

You get the picture. Carrying around this behemoth of a bag definitely pays off. Today was especially glorious in regards to what it contained. I always get comments from co-workers and Hubby about what I brought with me, so I thought I’d share with you the treasures of–one of my many–purses.

Keep in mind, that I’m carrying this around work and upstairs in heels.

My well-endowed purse

Contents: (photographic evidence below)

• 2010/2011 teal leather planner

• two Tupperware containers, contents of which are my lunch

• bottle of raspberry green tea–my own concoction

• sunglasses of the movie star variety (I have to practice for when I’m rich and famous)

• coffee–the substance on which all life exists (at least mine)

• shoes (I wear my slippers from the car to the building, it’s my trademark here at the office. Today it was my brown ones, but usually it’s my fuzzy striped pink ones)

• socks–who knows why–oh that’s right, they’re for the gym!

• toiletries (lotion, lip gloss, chapstick, more lotion–stress reliever scent, eye drops, pepper spray, floss picks)

• manila folders with a friend’s work I’m critiquing

• my blue folder from SFWC contents of which are pure gold and future blog post ideas

• a couple of notebooks (the pink snake skin one is tracking my querying process for White City, the black one is just for notes)

• my wallet–sans money, if found please email (Wait! I see a random dollar bill in there!)

• Orbit Sweet Mint gum (the best ever–never leave home without it, that’s an order)

• a smaller red note book with my NaNo sticker on front

• my life in the form of a thumb drive–seriously, I lost it once and went into a catatonic state for days

• (deep breath here) my iPod with Hubby’s Zune earbuds–apple earbuds SUCK as one always dies before the other every 6 months or so

• a list of agents to query

• a napkin–don’t ask me why

• my car keys (even though I didn’t drive here) • highlighters • pens • my badge for work • Zone bars • five books. Just in case.

Contents of said purse. It’s like the clown car at a circus

There you have it, folks. The reason my arms are more impressive than Michelle’s (plus I can do triceps push-ups and pull ups. Yup, there was an italicized “and” in there).

Proof that I always like to be prepared for just about everything possible. Except a natural disaster. Or the zombie apocalypse. *shudder*

HAPPY FRIDAY! (I’ve had an acceptable amount of coffee now)


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