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Freebee Friday!!!

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday. It’s been the longest week ever. In honor of the weekend, I’m going to share some funny commercials that are on TV right now in my neck of the woods. The best one, though, I couldn’t find on YouTube. It’s one for StraightTalk. Oh well. These are just as good. Enjoy!

And last, but not least:


try{ clicky.init(17307); }catch(e){}

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So, I promise to start writing more post-y things on here. I’ve just been so INCREDIBLY busy. Finishing up the final rounds of edits to CASTE so I can get it off, then preparing for the feis this week

Freebee Friday!

There are a lot of funny commercials on tv right now. And since I’m in the market for a new phone, I notice those the most. Here’s the one I want. And they just happen to have one that makes me laugh.


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