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Freebee Friday! Special Edition – the Hunger Games

Normally, I steer clear of books made into movies (especially the ones I like) because I don’t want to see Hollywood butcher something so great. But, I figured with the fan base of HG being so large the director couldn’t risk disappointing them and the fact that they brought in Suzanne Collins to write the screenplay and help pick the cast, I figured the movie was in safe hands. And I was right. Hunger Games was freaking awesome. I’m not even kidding. The entire two-and-a-half hours were packed with wicked cinematography, emotion, action, violence (though not really direct gore), and really good acting. The combination of all this made me not regret going to the midnight premier.

I’m on the left, my friend is on the right

The only other midnight premier I’ve ever gone to was back in college for one of the Harry Potters. Last night (or this morning) I pulled out my nerd card and went to see the premier. One of the local, smaller theaters has twelve screens, and I figured since they were all showing HG at midnight and they were all sold out, I should probably get there early to get a good spot in line. I’ve never done this before and didn’t know what to expect (other than what happens in other, bigger cities I see on TV), so I packed a camping chair, a blanket (it’s still a little chilly out at night), and my Nook to help pass the time. I showed up at 9-ish and was a little disappointed there wasn’t a line. None. Not even a hint of one. I have to admit I felt a cheated by the lack of experience. Anyway, all twelve theaters were named after the districts. My friend and I were in District 3 while my boss was in District 12. Let me tell you, we got the short end of the stick. District 12 was where it was at. Not only was it a bigger theatre, but they were having a party down front (as evident from a picture my boss texted to my friend) along with paper airplane flying contests. District 3 was lame. Wanna know what we had? Lame, uneducated 7th grade girls who felt the need to kick the back of my seat every three minutes or so. Example:

Example 1 (While playing a game of Monopoly on an iPad) Lame, Seat-Kicker Girl: What’s this say? Forfate….forfite….. More Intelligent Girl: Forfeit? LSKG: Laughs. I can’t spell very good. MIG: You mean read well?


Example 2, playing madlibs Girl 1: Okay, I need an adverb. LSKG: BURNT! Me: Scrunching my forehead in pain while saying in my head, burnt? Really?

Now, it was probably the fact that it was late and I felt I was sitting through earthquake intense turbulence, but my patience for the girls behind me was pretty thin. Which, tipped my feelings about them to the humorous side. The theater staff came in and did some fun trivia for us, the winners getting posters, and I was surprised to find out that the majority of the people who answered the questions were male. I think that’s why this book/movie works so well and crosses gender lines without a second thought. Even though the protagonist is female, she’s tough and kickass, which appeals to both male and female. And even though there’s a “romance”, it’s forced. Katniss does what she needs to do to live. That’s what is so appealing about HG; it’s a book about survival and strength, everything else is secondary. (But, when Katniss and Peeta did kiss, every young girl in the theater started cheering.) I was completely satisfied with this movie. More than satisfied, ecstatic. (Which is why I’m going to see it a second time with Hubby). It’s kind of hit and miss with YA movies; so easily is successful strictly for the obsessed entertainment value (i.e. Twilight). But HG will be successful because they have the obsessed fan base, but even more so because the movie is GOOD. It stuck to the book so well and, like I said earlier, the cinematography was fantabulous and the acting was phenomenal. I must admit, I was a little uncertain about Josh playing the role of Peeta, but now I’m convinced. He was the best choice. What about you? Did you go to the midnight showing? If you have, what did you like most? What was your experience like? And if you haven’t seen it yet, (why the heck not?!?!) and are you planning to go see it? Happy Friday my friends, and happy Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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