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I Did Not Okay a Winter Wonderland

But apparently Mother Nature doesn’t need permission. I woke up this morning to about 8″ of fresh snow. Grrr. A 30 minute car ride on the freeway took Hubby and I an hour and 10 minutes. The only thing making this horrid weather bearable right now is Florence + the Machine. 🙂 There is always an upside to every situation. Here’s the one for this one: Driving through big fluffy flakes in the dark makes me feel like I’m traveling at warp speed on the USS Enterprise instead of the snail’s pace of 20 MPH that I’m actually going.

I got my first ARC in the mail yesterday! So excited. The Athena Project by Brad Thor. I’m finishing up Mockingjay now (O.M.G!!!). I’ll do a Book Report on that one and then dive into Athena and let you know what I think! Enjoy the day. Hopefully it’s not snowing where you are. 😦


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