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Juggling Act

I haven’t been here in a while. Sorry ’bout that. I missed (I think) the last two Freebee Fridays! and I feel horrible. Since Book Addicts is so new, it’s requiring a lot of time. Plus everything else that’s going on in Life right now.

One of the main Time Suckers is the new blog for Book Addicts. It’s over at WordPress, and I have to say, that blog platform is pretty dang sweet. Check it out. We’re using that one instead of Blogger because it’s supposed to be “compatible” with our newspaper’s website (at some point).

Anyway, wonder wander (sheesh, it’s been a long day) over there and check it out. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and hopefully I won’t be spending ALL my time over there. To tide you over, how about a poll? Book-to-Movie to be precise. 🙂

<br /> <a href=””>Are you planning on seeing the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer?</a><br/><br /> <span style=”font:9px;”>(<a href=””>polls</a>)</span><br />


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