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Keep on a Truckin’

So it’s a little over half way through NaNoWriMo and I am ahead of schedule! I can’t believe it myself. I’m hoping the trend lasts, so I keep plugging along. I’m at a point where I’m really excited to write. There’s a specific character that I’m working with right now and he’s so entertaining. Very much an “act now, think later” sort of chap. I can pretty much do anything I want with him.

Hubby is getting sick, and I’m hoping that I steer clear of it, but I’m afraid that things will not go as planned in that arena. And so close to the holidays, too! We’re doing Thanksgiving at Hubby’s parent’s house this year. I’m in charge of the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and I am oober excited. I love to cook, so I say, “bring it!”. I have this recipe for mashed potatoes that calls for two heads of roasted garlic, a pound of butter and two cups of heavy whipping cream. They are to die for! I kid you not, I gain ten pounds just looking at them. And for the main course, I’m doing a rum glazed turkey with buttery chestnut and apple stuffing. You’re mouth is watering, isn’t it? Don’t lie.

Sunday is Mom’s birthday so Sister and I are going to take her to movie (Morning Glory — I love Harrison Ford) and lunch on Saturday, just the three of us. No husbands, no kids. It’s going to be a good time. Got my haircut yesterday and am loving it! It’s a little shorter than before and edgier. Now for a little more blonde…

The Bronco’s play against Fresno tomorrow. GO BRONCOS! And I know we’re going to kick major Bulldog butt. Hubby and I have season tickets, but with the weather (cold and rain) and Hubby’s cold, we’ve passed the tickets along to his dad. We’ll be watching it from the comfort of our couch on our big screen.

The struggle of trying to get an agent’s interest is ongoing—I just submitted to 22 more this past weekend. But I just have to trust that the right one is fast approaching. I am also hoping that I have more asking for partials. The gal before, Agent A came back and told me no. Which is totally okay. She was very nice, polite, and professional about it. Which made me even more bummed that she won’t be my agent.


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