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Motivation, Procrastination, or Otherwise Sitting on my Hands

Procrastination is how I got through college. It’s how I rolled. But don’t ask me why. So much stress! Whenever there was a test or project, I’d pencil it into my planner with all the best intentions I could muster (oh, how I longed for a PDA), promising myself that TODAY, I would start it. Then today would pass and I would whisper to myself as I drifted off to Slumberland, Tomorrow. TOMORROW will be the day!

I live on stress, deadlines and go, go, GO! (I eat ’em all for breakfast, second breakfast, and elevensies). If I’m not constantly on the move, cramming at least 80-bajillion things into my little 24-hour day, doing 10 things at once while going in every direction possible, I perceive it to be a boring day.

Feis is tomorrow? Crap. Better work on my hornpipe. Need to write a book review by noon? Carpel tunnel here I come! It drives Hubby insane.

My writing life isn’t any different than my “regular” life. Let me explain. I recently decided that my WIP needs to be a standalone novel with the possibility of a second book, instead of two interdependent books, and I wanted to get this done ASAP before I submitted to any more agents. Needless to say, this revelation was both a blessing and a curse. Relieved that I finally had a concrete direction for Lexi and Seth (I was never TRULY happy with how I’d penned their ending to begin with) but reluctant with what needed to be done to make it happen. This is how it went:

Day 1: Excitement! Screw the rejections! I now have purpose and something to take my mind off all the no’s and cricket chirps filling up (or not) my inbox!

Day3: Still excited, but it’s not as bright and shiny and new. Thinking of perfect new ending to “complete” Lexi and Seth.

Day4: Still thinking…

Day 5: Okay, I have an ending! Now it’s time to go through my book and find out what needs to be shifted, changed, deleted, added to make the ending happen. *cracks knuckles and grabs red felt-tip pen*

Day 8: Actually starts list now. Fold paper in half upon completion, stick into cover of book and let it marinate for about a week or so because even though I know it needs to be done—and I REALLY want to do it, honest—I’m first and foremost, a procrastinator.

Day 15: Take list out, sneak a peek. Yup, still looks golden! Should probably get back on that…

Day 16: Pick up, read and finish a couple of books

Day 19: work on the synopsis for another book to send out to another agent who will be just PERFECT for Owen and Kat. I know she’s gonna love it!

Day 20: Make enchiladas

Day 21: Okay, for real. I am going to go home and pick a starting point on my list. Then I’ll let that stew around in my brain for a couple more days so I can properly formulate a plan of attack, and by day 25, I’ll be ready to write.

Day 23: Oh, SNAP! They did not just kill off the Lone Gunman! Seriously, Chris Carter??? Seriously? THIS is how you decide to end the X-files? I’m glad I stopped watching it at age 14, otherwise I might have been permanently scarred…

Day 25: That’s right, SYTYCD is back! Boo-ya. Book? What book? I totally agree with Tyce on number 2648….not enough heart…

Day 26: The writing bug has bitten me by now and I am infected with the writing fever! I write like a storm hitting the Midwest, leaving Hubby to be entertained by Xbox Live, while I finish my masterpiece

Day 28: It. Is. Finished.

Day 30: Wake up in a cold, feverish sweat with a tantalizing thought: there’s something else that can be made even better!

Day 31: Repeat days 1 – 30

Happy Tuesday, my friends!


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