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Oh, the people you see

This past weekend was AMAZING. I spent Friday night with my sis and we went and saw The Taming of the Shrew. I have a friend that works on the costumes and when she told me it was taking place in the 80’s, I rolled my eyes and groaned.

“Not the 80’s! This is going to be sooo boring!”

And it SO wasn’t!

This was the funniest show I have seen in my entire life (except for Horrible Bosses, but that was a movie so you really can’t compare the two). The acting was superb, the humor very tongue-in-cheek, and many of the costumes I actually found myself thinking, “I think I just saw that in WetSeal…” I even asked my seamstress friend where the bright pink bridesmaids’ shoes were going after the show (Onto another production, to my dismay). The venue is memorable, being outside close to a river, and the night was warm (which brought out a few mesquitos). The cafe food was delicious (guac to die for) but the cookies were a little overdone (try frisbee material). But, overall, a very fun night with my sis.

And, and, AND! I made homemade cinnamon rolls. Please, bask in their deliciousness. They were BETTER than Cinnabon. Yes, that’s right, folks. I said it. BETTER than Cinnabon.

I think I there was an anime convention going on at the event center near my house. I only say this, because while at Fred Meyer, I saw a NUMBER of strangley dressed people that reminded me a lot of Sailor Moon, but in leotards and with purple hair. (I’m telling you, this was a very jam-packed weekend!)

Then, Hubby and I ventured out to the Barley Bros. Traveling Beer Show. For $25 and with a valid ID, you got a red wristband, a mini 5.5 oz beer glass, and unlimited tastes of over 200 Northwestern brews. The food and entertainment, though, you couldn’t put a price on.

The day started off well enough: Good weather (not too hot), a new sundress, great friends and a $2 coupon! Hubby handed over the money ($50) and viola! $12 change! What could possibly make this any better, you ask? I’ll tell you what. Pronto Pups, the best gosh darn corndogs around. We used to have one by Edwards, but sadly, it closed. Now, the only time I get a good corndog with when the fair or beer fest rolls through.

The park was fenced off for the event, holding numerous vendors, about 15 different food spots (all amazing), and four giant beer tents. As soon as you stepped under one, you were slammed into a wall of bodies, everyone trying to weave around everyone else to get to the front where all the taps were. The noise was amazingly loud compared to the outside.

You stood in line, passer-byers recommended beers you should try and then you made your pick. We saw one guy pull out a beer stein from his backpack. We offered him good luck on that one. I even saw a lady try to get the beer tender to fill up a water bottle. No dice there, either.

Despite the atmosphere and the fact that it was a beer fest with unlimited samples, There were surprisingly few drunks that I noticed. I did see one guy pulling his completely sloshed girlfriend through the crowd, and then there was that one bicyclist that almost took out a guy walking through the park. But they were the exception, not the rule. A hot day, small glasses, live music and good food kept everyone reasonable and highly sober (that was only the first day, though, and we left at 7, the party kept going until 9, so things could have changed).

Anyway, it was a good fun time. If it comes to your neck of the woods, consider checking it out (AZ in December). You only have to pay for the glass, getting in is free. Might I suggest “sharing” a glass with whoever it is you’re going with? Cut the price in half. I also saw some people selling their glasses and wristbands to those waiting outside. Another option. One must take full advantage in cost cutting measures in an economy like today’s.

Here are a few things I found particularly interesting. Enjoy!


BWW Asian Zing wings (don’t be fooled, eating them with ranch instead of blue cheese makes them an ENTIRELY different beast!)

Drunk bicyclists

People carrying around Old Milwaukee and Coors (seriously?!?!)

A blind man (That’s right. With blind man walking stick and all)

Tattoos of Burton Snowboards, Fox Racing, and a giant red tie on some guy’s chest

Utilikilts (See left. Still trying to convince Hubby how completely rockin’ these actually are)


Drunken frat boys devastated that they almost missed the Rogue kegs

A rowdy cowbell followed by a chorus of genuine cheers every time a keg was drained (That happened probably 15 – 20 times while we were going through the 4 tents. See right.)

My favorite of the evening, though: A shirtless guy with a barbed wire tattoo, holding his 5.5 oz glass with his pinky up, and a petite Chihuahua tucked under his other arm, ambling through the park.

A close second: A manly man in short, yellow, cut-off women’s shorts. I grabbed a picture of this guy, and it’s on my phone, but my stupid Droid won’t let me send it anywhere. I went into major stealth mode to get it, too!


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