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I’ve rewarded myself with a bag of M&Ms because of my productivity this weekend. I’m stellar, really, and I need to hang onto that feeling because it fades too quickly.

I purchased Florence + the Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, and it was easily one of the best investments of my short life. Friday we went to see our 5-year-old nephew in his school’s Christmas Choir Concert and it was the cutest thing ever. I leaned over when the kindergarteners were singing and said to Hubby, “Your window of singlehood freedom is closing. We need to have a cute little kid soon.” To which he gave me his classic, what the heck?!?! Why did you just say that and freak me out look. To which I replied as I patted his knee, “Nice try. I’m immune to that look now.” In the lobby after the show we spotted Spock, which was exciting. Saturday I headed off with a friend to watch the last Bronco home game in freezing weather. And we kicked some major New Mexico trash. Hubby was very jealous.

I came home and watched, for the first time, Gone With the Wind. Oh, so many memorable lines in that five-hour time span. Two of my favorites:

“No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” –Rhett Butler . And who can forget this one: “I’ve always thought a good lashing with a buggy whip would benefit you immensely.” –Rhett Butler. But you know what will always resonate with me? The crappy way they ended it!! I was very upset Saturday night. Finally, that stuffy, selfish, spoiled brat realized what really mattered to her and who she really loved, and it walks out the door without a look back. Oh, I hope they ended up together in the end. Even though I like tragedy and drama, I’ll always be a sucker for a happy ending where true love always finds a way through any heartache.

I’ve given up on Inheritance for now and have opted for lighter reading of Nevermore. Inheritance was just too…boring….and cumbersome to read right now. I’ll have to find a time when I have more time and brainpower to invest into reading a book. Then, Sunday, I caught up on ALL my missing BR’s! Or most of them, at least. That’s right, I wrote SEVEN book reports and will be posting them throughout the week. And I took The Machine for a run, and I cleaned the house, and I did the laundry. Man, I LOVE productive days.

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