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I’ve rewarded myself with a bag of M&Ms because of my productivity this weekend. I’m stellar, really, and I need to hang onto that feeling because it fades too quickly.

I came home and watched, for the first time, Gone With the Wind. Oh, so many memorable lines in that five-hour time span. Two of my favorites:

I’ve given up on Inheritance for now and have opted for lighter reading of Nevermore. Inheritance was just too…boring….and cumbersome to read right now. I’ll have to find a time when I have more time and brainpower to invest into reading a book. Then, Sunday, I caught up on ALL my missing BR’s! Or most of them, at least. That’s right, I wrote SEVEN book reports and will be posting them throughout the week. And I took The Machine for a run, and I cleaned the house, and I did the laundry. Man, I LOVE productive days.

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