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Rainy Sundays

Today is shaping up to be a pretty great day. Not only did I get to sleep in after a hard, long, awesome night of dancing in our yearly Irish dance show, Celtic Holiday, but I woke up to it being an hour earlier than it really was! I love Daylight Savings. I also woke to the amazing aromas of COFFEE, hash browns, eggs and sausage. Hubby had gotten up early and gone above and beyond the call of duty by deciding to surprise me with breakfast. It was so amazing. Now, I’m sitting out here on my front patio, writing notes for my blog, working on a book review, drinking COFFEE and listening to the snapping and pattering of rain on the fallen leaves of our front yard. The day is dark, dreary, overcast and rainy. Just the way I like it. Sometimes it’s nice not to have the blue skies, puffy white clouds and shining sun. Today is also the first day of the second week of NaNoWriMo! How are all of you holding up? I’ve heard the second week is the hardest, but with everything else always going on this time of year, I never really noticed that this week is any harder than the rest. I purposefully wrote ahead of schedule on Friday because I knew Saturday would be unproductive for writing, but fruitful in dancing. Today I get back to ATLANTIS and see where Lexi and Seth end up and who they meet along the way. So far I have about 12k words on the second part of ATLANTIS and am really excited about the writer’s conference I’m taking it to in February. I sent off that partial for THE HEIR on Wednesday and am waiting patiently to hear back. I hope she at least comes back and asks for the entire ms. to review, but I am preparing myself for the “thanks, but this isn’t my thing after all.” One great thing–well, actually two great things–this request for a partial tells me that vampire novels ARE NOT dead–if you’re original and do it right, and two–something must be right about my query. 🙂 This one little ‘yes’ will get me through another dozen ‘no’s’. Training for Robie Creek has been put on hold for a little bit. I still plan on running it in April, but with my hour changes at work, I can only run before and it’s not nice of me to subject my fellow co-workers to early morning sweat. Anyone watch the Breeder’s Cup on Friday or the Breeder’s Cup Classic on Saturday? I saw my favorite jockey get in a fight and rooted him on the entire way. Zenyatta’s winning streak ended, and it was so close! If she had just stretched her neck out a little further… Oh! The BSU Broncos kicked butt by schooling Hawai’i. But really? Was there ever really any doubt? That’s it for now. Back to reading The Replacement so I can get started on a book review for you guys! –Me

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