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Roll Call!

I like looking at the map that shows me who’s visiting me from where. I smile seeing all the countries represented. Like that one person from Latvia who keeps coming back! Hello, Latvian! I’ve noticed some new countries representin’:

Malaysia Spain (if I could live anywhere besides where I do, it’d be here. Beautiful country and awesome people. Barcelona or San Sebastian) Argentina (my friend and I are planning a girl’s trip here someday, when we do, look out) Russia (something unknown about me, I’d love to learn this language. Talk about bad ass) Germany Australia (bucket list: scuba-dive the Great Barrier Reef) Latvia (Hey!) Hong Kong China The Phillipines India (my sister-in-law and sister have both visited here) UK And our AWESOME neighbors to the north, Canada (home of the rockin’ band USS – whom I LOVE) Italy (Hi!) Norway (Hello!) France (Welcome!) Taiwan (I know someone who lived there for a while) Belgium (Always wanted to visit) Azerbaijan (I admit I had to Google Earth you, but I’m so glad I did!) South Korea (Glad you stopped by :)) United Arab Emirates (مرحبا) I think I translated that correctly. Czech Republic (ahoj! Your country is so beautiful!)

I’d love to see this list get bigger, in fact, I may keep adding to it when I remember. In the meantime, leave a comment, tell me where your from and how to say…”Does this shoe come in my size?” in your native language. 🙂

Ooh, this should be fun! Hubby will not be happy that I will be able to ask for and buy shoes in several different countries.


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