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Some things I’ve discovered along the way in the world of writing

  1. Answers don’t need to be given for everything, some mystery is good (and may give rise to inspiration to other ms ideas) Nothing is ever answered fully in the real world

  2. There doesn’t have to be a reason behind a character’s every action, merely a clear motivation (which are, in fact, two different things)

  3. Nothing has to be tied into a pretty, neat, sparkly bow, it only has to be plausible and make sense, having enough of a conclusion to be realistic and satisfying for the reader

  4. Not every character has to be beautiful and perfect and well-rounded. Rarely does someone in the real world fit into a nice, patterned geometric shape with bright pretty colors

  5. Actions/trials/crisis can be simple to the reader, it only has to feel big and earth-shattering to the character that it’s happening TO

  6. Everyone needs an ally–someone to balance them out, give them encouragement, and act as a slight comic relief at times (in my opinion and in my stories, anyway—the comic relief part)

  7. People don’t always take the simplest, most straight-forward route out of a difficult situation

  8. But then again, they usually do. Just not always

  9. Some questions can’t be answered and some answers aren’t known. By anybody (see point 1)

  10. Characters need flaws/shortcomings/insecurities and they need to feel real and relatable to your readers. They need issues to overcome, making them stronger and changing them for the better in the end (P.S. – the outcomes that make them stronger, don’t always have to be happy. Again, real life.)

  11. You, as a writer, need to be able to laugh and roll your eyes and criticize your own work. If you can’t look at a really bad piece of writing and say to yourself, “This is horrible!” and then laugh, you won’t be able to see how you can make it amazing.

  12. That being said, you, as a writer, also need to look at your work and be able to cheer, puff out your chest, and admit to yourself that, “Damn, that really is GOOD.”

  13. It’s okay to get depressed every once in a while after getting dozens and dozens of rejections from agents and/or publishers. Just park your butt on the couch, grab a gallon of your favorite Coldstone or Blue Bunny ice cream and watch a marathon of Supernatural, seasons 1-6. Just make sure you get over it when you reach the bottom of your ice cream bucket(s) and the credits roll on episode 126, ready to start fresh in the morning.

Enjoy and happy Tuesday, my friends!

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