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Spring Has Sprung

Technically, it’s been spring for a month or so now, but it’s only recently shown up in my neck of the woods. We’ve been having plunges in temperatures and even snow in the higher elevations.

It wasn’t until last week, when I stepped outside at 6 am to take Sass out that it truly dawned on me that warmer weather IS coming. Overnight the trees had bloomed and the hybernating grass shot up. The sun is venturing out for longer periods and the birds have begun to sing.

My peonies plant has shot up out of nowhere and my cats are no longer clammering to be let inside out of the cold. I brought out the cushions for my patio furniture and Hubby and I even cleaned out the garage, cars AND did yard work.

Yup, spring has sprung and summer is just around the bend. I think tomorrow will be a great opportunity for my first outside-morning-cup-o-joe and enjoy the new season. Join me.


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