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The End of NaNo

So, why does NaNo ending make me sad and happy at the same time? I’m glad to get a break from the non-stop tippity-tapping of pounding away on my keyboard. I have to admit that for the rest of this week I probably won’t get much writing done because I’m so spent. It feels like I’m dry for ideas. Which I know is not true. I’m sad that it’s over because I don’t have any “official” excuse to punch out 1,700 words each day (no certificate to print, anyway). But overall, this has been one of the best NaNo experiences I’ve had.

I think where I need to go next with Atlantis is figure out the order in which the ending happens. I plan on this being a stand alone book, so everything needs to be answered, and quite frankly, I’m not sure what questions I’ve raised in writing the past couple of months to make sure I answer them. So, I’m going to go back and skim my book thus far (red pen securely locked away tight in a far away drawer) to see what I’ve covered and what I need to still do. Plot holes I always fill in during the editing stage. Hopefully I will be more secure by then to know how to finish my book and have it some-what polished before February turns around.

Two months. That’s it. I can do it. I think.

Number of times I used the word “official”: 5 (including the one in this line). Apparently, I need to invest in a thesaurus.


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