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The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne

The Internet is a Playground

by David Thorne

Humourous Spoiler Alert: doesn’t matter Rating: PG-13 Coffee Bean Rating: an entire burlap bag full

billions of coffee beans

We’ve all seen it in our email, forwarded to us by a friend or co-worker. The email string is about a man who is trying to pay for a chiropractor’s bill with a drawing of a spider. Then there’s the Missing Missy lost cat poster. I’m always wary of the “this really happened” tag that comes along with these sorts of emails.

But these, my friends, are real. And so is David Thorne, the perpatrator. Thorne is a native of Australia with a wicked sense of humor, which you can bear witness to via his blog, 27b/6.

The Internet is a Playground is a hysterical collection of actual emails conversations between Thorne and some poor sap (his co-workers must hate getting emails from him), complaints he gets from blog visitors and other hillarious things that will make your sides ache.

From the very first moment I picked up this book and started reading it, I was laughing. Out loud, and uncontrollably. I read it to Hubby on the car ride home the day it came in the mail, and he was laughing so hard, we almost got into an accident. Later that night, I read Hubby the email string between Thorne and his kid’s teacher. I was laughing so hard I was crying and I couldn’t get the words out. And it was that obnoxious sort of laugh that makes you talk like you’ve just sucked down a bunch of helium balloons.

I need to meet this guy. For real. I think he’s my new hero.

When I finished the book, I had to share it with someone, and since I’m not the kind of person to go up to a random stranger and hand over a book, I gave it to my mom to read when while we waited inthe airport on the way to San Fran.

She started laughing as soon as she opened it, quickly becoming my entertainment for our five-hour layover. I watched as her face contorted, eyes squinted, and then the held back laughter exploded. Seeing her react thatway only sent me into fits of laughter as I remembered a string of emails from the book.

Of course we were getting weird looks as passengers scooted to the farthest reaches of the terminal, but that only made the whole thing funnier. And you know what? I was totally okay with it.

This book instantly became one of my favorites with its laugh-out-loud-okay-to-pee-yourself humor. Read it.

READ it.


Seriously, though. Just read it. You won’t be sorry.


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