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The Price I pay for Beauty…

I go through diets like I go through handbags and shoes.

Alas, the desire for society to think me thin is strong and overrides my love for food. At least temporarily. I’m on a new diet (and hopefully my last). It’s been a week. And coincidently, it’s been the week from hell. But, it’s paying off (over 10 pounds lost so far, yay for me!). Thus, I will willingly chew my own arm off before I go near a donut or fatty Starbucks drink (*sniff*).

My calendar tells me there are only 14 more days left. That’s only two weeks. And time’s flying by right now, so that’s good. I have a pair of my favorite Banana Republic khakis hanging in my bathroom on the wall, motivating me to stick with it for just a little bit longer.

Which is good, because I’m starting to hallucinate. Let me clarify.

I was sitting on the couch last night with Hubby as we settled in for our weekly Cheesy SyFy Movie Sunday marathon (Babylon AD, Hellboy, & Hellboy II). My mind started to wander when the ending to Babylon AD got really dumb and unsatisfying (ask me about it and I’ll tell you). I started to think about those poor, lonely sourdough English Muffins that were purchased pre-diet. Then I started to think about how AMAZING they would be toasted within an inch of their life and subsequently SMOTHERED in good-for you, fattening BUTTER. I got excited at this point and started to pontificate about whether I was in the mood for raspberry jam to be SLATHERED on top, or a healthy dose of CINNAMON & SUGAR to be applied and make it extra special. It was when my stomach started to rumble for the wholesome goodness I had just fantasized about, when I remembered: Oh yeah. I can’t have that. It’s not on my diet. The rest of the night was a total loss.

This suck beyond anything I’ve experienced. Ever. If I’d have gone through childbirth, it’d be worse than that. Guaranteed. More than trying to give up decaffeinated coffee (which I might add, I can’t have creamer on this diet, either!!!!) .

But, only 14 days left. I can do this.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

And whatever you do, do NOT think about all the yummy things you can’t have for 14 more days.

Thai food Asian Zing Wings Coffee with copious amounts of creamer Bread Pasta Hamburgers Pizza Mexican food Chocolate Whatever yummy thing it is Hubby’s eating.



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