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Tomorrow Girls: Behind the Gates by Eva Gray

Tomorrow Girls: Behind the Gates

by Eva Gray

MG Distopian

Content Rating: G

Spoiler Alert: A little

Coffee Bean Rating: 2.5/5

I know, I know. This book is for a way younger crowd than me, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t find it Interesting.

Tomorrow Girls is a dystopian/post-big disaster (I don’t want to call it post-apocalyptic, because I don’t think it is). Families with money send their children away to a special school to take them away from all the horribleness that is their world.

The MC, Louisa and her best friend, Maddie (who everyone is pretending is her twin) get shipped off to Country Manor School for survival training. They meet a couple different characters on the bus ride up, Evelyn (the conspiracy nut) and Rosie (the jock/queen B.). The four of them end up getting grouped together as roommates which ads for the necessary chemistry and tension to get the story moving along. It’s not that long of a book, and not that much really happens (but it is aimed for the younger crowd).

Evelyn thinks the school is really an undercover rebel forces training camp to take down the government, Louisa loves it there, Maddie hates it there (their friendship succumbs to their strain, but in the end they overcome), and Rosie learns to let others in and not be so mean.

The group of four go on a wilderness overnight trip, meet the school of boys across the lake, find out that the faculty has been lying to them and that they’re not as safe as they thought. That’s it. The end. If you wanna know more, you’re going to have to read book 2. Which I’m not planning on doing.

It was a fun enough book to read (it was an ARC, so there’s obligation on my part), but I’m not hooked enough to find out what happens next. And it’s not just because it’s a book aimed at middle-graders. But, you’re more than welcome to make that decision for yourself. 🙂


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