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Training for a Half-Marathon

So I’ve finally bit the bullet and started training for Robie Creek, the most difficult half-marathon around. That’s what I’m saying anyway, it makes me feel better about this whole process. Today is Day 4, and I’m going strong. Despite the shin splints, calf cramps and tight hamstrings that curse me violently if I even dare to look at a treadmill, I am running my mile a day. And I can already notice a difference. The first day was the hardest, obviously. It took me about thirty minutes to complete my mile, and I didn’t even attempt to run the whole distance. The second day was much easier. It took me about fifteen minutes to run the mile–granted it was only at 4.5 MPH, but only I know that. The third day (yesterday) was the easiest so far. I picked up my speed to 6 MPH and decreased my time to ten-and-a-half minutes. My goal is to get back down to the 6 -7 minute mile of my youth! Wish me luck. When all is said in done, with the training schedule I’m following, I will have ran 910 miles in 26 weeks. Rock on, rock on. That’s 10 pairs of running shoes I will have gone through. Can’t wait!

This was their poster in 2006. I think it sums it up pretty well. 13.1 miles of Hell uphill.


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