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What the 1990’s?!?!?!

(Post title copyrighted by my dear friend, Lemons)

Hubby and I’ve been watching The X-files on BBC America and Netflix of late and have come to remember the 90’s fondly (through a few fits of laughter). It reminded me of all the good, and not so good things I endured for 10 whole years (granted I was but a wee pup then).

Among the memories X-files brought forth were:

• Rollerblades • The freedom of smoking in government buildings (or anywhere, for that matter) • The relative unimportance of coffee (*aghast*) • Curled under hair, hair sprayed back away from faces (Scully) • Gaudy floral print dresses and skirts • Puffy sleeves • Oversized jackets • Unflattering, boxy-cut clothing for women (with shoulder pads) • Floppy discs • The far off dream of artificial intelligence • Big, round glasses • Bigger cordless phones (cordless phones, haha) • Even bigger cell phones • Songs by rockin’ bands like Filter (hence the new addition to my playlist on the right) • Guest appearances by Seth Green, Ryan Gosling, Jack Black and Felicity Huffman before they were household names • Portraying CEOs of big companies as the actual leaders of our government (As if!) • The revival of government conspiracies • The best villain ever, Krycek • Gillian Anderson AKA Dana Scully • And most importantly, David Duchovny AKA Fox Mulder

I have always been a HUGE fan of The X-files. I remember watching it on Sunday nights when I was little in my mom’s bed, cowering because I was afraid of the wild man in episode 5. I loved every minute of it. It was Mulder and Scully who made me realize my dream of becoming an FBI agent—flying around the Nation and sometimes the world to uncover government plots of cover-ups and alien life? Heck yes!! I was all over that.

My mom dashed those hopes by informing me that an FBI agent does a lot of desk work and what Mulder and Scully did was just fiction. JUST FICTION?!?!. She also dropped the bomb that aliens don’t exist and government conspiracies were nonsense. I still don’t believe her on either account.

I was crushed, but I didn’t give up. If the FBI wasn’t what I thought it would be, I’d go to the CIA! NSA! Or a US Marshall for WITSEC like Mary in In Plain Sight. But then I grew up and wanted to be a photo journalist for National Geographic, a member of the American Olympic Jumping Team, a pastry chef and open my own restaurant named The Dessert Bar, and be married by my late teens/early 20’s and have all my kids by 25. HA!

Oh, and as my grandma would say, “People in Hell want ice water.”

Update: How in the world could I have forgotten to mention cassette tapes?!?! There. Cassette tapes.


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