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What to do when you can't find an idea

Okay, so, you’ve gone through all the possible places and methods to get a new idea. You’re still running dry. Now what?


You read that right. Stop. Don’t write. Take a breath. Take a break. Whatever. Just don’t write.

But, but…

Just stop.

One of the reasons that you probably aren’t coming up with anything is that your brain needs a break. Your body is tired. You’re overstretched, exhausted, worn out, and if you don’t do it now, you may be paying the price, later.

Our bodies give us signals all the time on how it’s faring. It will tell you when your thirsty, hungry, and tired. And if you pay careful attention, it will also tell you when you’re taxing yourself and stretching yourself too thing. The challenge is perhaps learning what those signals are and, even harder, listening to them.

So when you do take that break, don’t feel guilty. Catch up with your friends. Read a book. Binge watch a show. Do some chores. Journal. Whatever. Just don’t put the pressure on yourself to get in there and write and be uber productive. You’re drive will come back, after you’ve rested.

But what if my “pause” lasts longer than a few days?

So what if it does? Use that time to layout how you’re going to come back. What you’re going to do to be better at ___________________. Recently, I took about a two month hiatus from social media. I was on sporadically and would comment and share, but I took away the pressure of posting and being actively present. It. Was. Amazing.

Yes, I lost a few followers. Yes, my engagement went down. But, the connections that I had built were still intact. AND, I got the fiery motivation to come back even stronger. Hence the 5 quarter social media plan that I mapped out and put into place while I was gone. I’m super excited about it. Would I have had this idea or this motivation to do it, had I not taken the break? I can tell you with certainty, that I wouldn’t have; because I still would have been exhausted and burnt out and the thought of even posting a day in advance would have done me in.

So, when your mind and body are telling you to take a break. Please listen. Only good things will come from it.

Happy writing (or breaking!) and I’ll see you in #TheWriterCommunity!


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