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Who The Heck am I?

For those of you who are new around here, I’m going to introduce myself.

Yes, there is the About Me section on my website, but let’s do a little bit deeper of a dive, shall we?

I have been “seriously” writing for probably about ten years or so. I’ve written between 8-10 books and have published 3, so far. Those older ones need some serious TLC. All of them are YA, which, I think, will be my heart and joy for the rest of my days.

My very first book came after reading the Twilight series. Don’t shoot me, but I read those and thought to myself, “I can write and publish a book if she can!” Which is actually the best thing in the world.

I sat down and wrote book 1 which quickly turned into a trilogy. That book, although not currently published, is still my baby. I will always have a place in my heart for vampires and Kat and Owen WILL see the light of day!

My second book came out of inspiration from one of the writing prompts done at the end of Writing Excuses. That, paired with all the turmoil that was going on in the world around us, and I had my YA dystopian story. I outlined and wrote that bad boy in about 30 days. I published that one about eight years ago, right before my first girl was born. Here I am pregnant with my third baby, and I’m waiting to publish the last installment of the series. I guess you could say I’m a slow publisher.

In between those two series I have a handful of other books that I’m dying to finish writing and publish. I do this for fun, not for income…yet. But the ultimate goal is to get some substantial income out of my passion.

I chose the penname RaeLynn Fry (a mash up of different people in my life) when I first started writing as kind of a safety blanket. I thought, “Well, if I fail, it’s not really me and people won’t know it!”. I’m no longer afraid of failing or of people knowing when I do, but I’m kind of sentimental about the name.

I’m one of the founding members of @The_Writer_Community over on Instagram, where our goal is to foster a community of caring and supportive writers who support each other and also help each other grow. I really love that group of writers over there; each person is so talented and amazing and I have made some true friends. If you’re not a part of it yet, go and check it out. Follows #TheWriterCommunity and visit our website (

I live in the beautiful state of Idaho with my family (hubby of a long time, three young ones, and two rabbits). One of our favorite past times is heading into the mountains to go camping. I’m a sucker for early mornings where I can write in the dark to the sound of thunderstorms. My favorite weather is that of the Pacific Northwest (so I miss it a lot, being here). Family means a lot to me and so does Jesus.

The goal of my website is to

1) Have a platform to connect with you all, obvs

2) A place to sell my books (obvs, again)

3) But to also talk about the different aspects of writing and the writing process. I sprinkle in humor when I can, and I will offer you my two cents on varying topics. Take it or leave it.

Most of all, I want to help support and encourage other writers as well as make genuine and lasting connections.

If this all sounds like something you will enjoy, welcome! I will have a newsletter at some point, so please sign up!

Okay, then. Happy writing and see you in #TheWriterCommunity!


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