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Writing is a Writer’s Dream

I tell myself that I’m a writer. And in the classical sense, that is whole-heartedly true. What I want to be is a published writer. An author. That would be my cherry on the sundae of life. I am working hard at it, having completed my first young adult fantasy novel (127,000 about vampires, but, please don’t groan and roll your eyes, it’s not another Twilight).

I am in the various stages of editing now, having gone through it myself three different times and done two re-writes (nothing is ever perfect enough, but my author friend who is published tells me it never will be), but the time has to come where I say, “ENOUGH! No more changing, submit already.”

So I am going to…right after I get good, constructive feedback from the online and physical writers groups I’ve joined and go through those self-editing books I’ve purchased.

So maybe it will be ready sometime next week or month…after I read through it one more time with my trusty red pen in hand…


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