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Things have changed for Karis since coming back from Dahn. Right and wrong are not what they used to be. Loved ones are not who they claim to be. And  now she must make a choice…


It’s been eighty-five days.


Eighty-five days since the Corporation took my little brother, Ajna, into the Inner City as a Sponsor.


Eighty-five days since I almost died from a faulty Mark I got from the Black Market.


Eight-five days since my heart last fluttered at the thought of Ethan.


I never thought life could be harder than what it was before I went into Dahn and met the Corporation’s President, Akin Hughes; but I’m learning how much worse it can get.


It’s been eighty-five days since I realized I can’t be held back by anyone who doesn’t agree with me.

Even if that someone is Ethan.


Karis has changed. So has Ethan. And their differences are pulling them apart. While Karis is focused on getting Ajna back, and getting closer to someone else, Ethan is trying to figure out a way to take down his father. With the lack of readiness from the citizens of Neech, his hand is forced by someone thought to be dead, and Ethan and Dhevan must go on a journey that they may not come back from. 

Untouchable: Book III of The Corporation Series

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