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I have fancy feet

Actually I just call them fancy so I don’t hurt their feelings. I have ugly feet. I blame genetics. Size nine, wide, high-arched, complete with bunions and the ever so adorable, bunionettes. (Yes, that is a real word, my doctor told me so). I used to be embarrassed by them. Never wore any sandals. No flip-flops. Nothing. Then I got over it. Who cares? Not me, anymore. My feet may look funny, but they’re functional. When my doctor asked me if I thought they’d last me through the next 60 years, I didn’t have a doubt. Heck yes. They may look frail, but I’ve never had any problems with them. Until recently. In Irish dance, we do this pretty awesome move called a rock. (Speed up the video below and watch 7:05 – 7:46 to see the AMAZING Jean Butler from the original Riverdance tell you how to do them). The video shows a slower version of a typical rock.

Anyway, I can do them in my sleep. And I’m pretty good at them. That’s why when I did a routine rock in class and heard that sickening tear-pop in my foot, my heart dropped into my stomach. My foot instantly seized up and hurt like nothing else. I couldn’t walk. Couldn’t wear my dance shoes. That was four weeks ago. I still can’t wear my heels. Do you know how difficult that is? It’s like Calder trying to abstain (from the YA book, Lies Beneath. Book Report to come soon). It’s killing me. So I finally went to the doc. He couldn’t really decide from the x-ray if my toe was fractured or not (where the big toe connects with the foot), so he went with probably a bruised bone. 😦 So, until it’s better (I can’t even go running, people), I’ll be not dancing. Which is hard to do. But, I always love looking at x-rays of me. You find out so many interesting things. For example: I have arthritis in my neck from years and years of horseback riding. And no, I will never give that up. I also have two floating rips. At the TOP of my ribcage. Very uncommon and painful at times. This x-ray showed arthritis in my toes and heel (I refuse to believe it’s a direct result of my shoes as Hubby claims, supported by some flimsy news article he found online one day). And I learned something rather interesting.

Did you know, that a kneecap is your body’s way of providing additional support to a part of your body that is under more stress/used more than other parts of your body? It’s true. Some people have little kneecaps on their big toes. My doctor’s seen it before. But you know what makes me better than those people?

I have two. Yup. TWO kneecap thingies on my big toe. I’m that special. Happy Tuesday, my friends!

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