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Reading Challenge List – Prepare to be Amazed…

164 books are sitting on my bookshelves screaming over the top of each other with their gripping summaries and creative covers. Some are old, some are new. Some are borrowed. Some, I want to read a lot more than others. So, to keep things fair and unprejudiced, I will have the next book I read selected by Here’s how my self-imposed contest will work:

  1. I will pick a book.

  2. I will read the book (you can read it with me, if you want. Hey! We can do our own little book club!).

  3. I will post about the book.

  4. I will pick another book and start this all over again.

  5. Maybe even I’ll try and come up with some way cool contest and sweet prizes for fun.

  6. We can even have our own little book club (But we have to promise to be enjoying a big cup of coffee when we discuss the book).

‘Cuz I’m cool like that. –Me


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