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Busy, busy, busy and Fast Five

So this weekend was actually pretty jam-packed. And I loved it.

I went opening night (Friday), with a friend, to see Fast Five. Some of you may be rolling your eyes, but this latest installment was by far, the best of the Fast and the Furious movies. It had a heist flare to it and was sooo funny. Not to mention it had an All-Star Hunk team going on (Vin, Dwayne, Paul, Tyrese, and Ludicrous). Talk about tag team! Know what would’ve made it better? Jason Statham. Yup. Sure would.

Outside the movie theatre, they had a life-sized cardboard cutout of all of the guys, and my friend wanted a picture with them. I was totally going to do it, too. Until we exited the theatre after the movie ended and I saw the crowd of people waiting to be let in for the next showing. One thing you’ll quickly realize about me is that I talk a big game. It went something like this:

Pose with the cardboard cutout of Dwayne? Sure! He’s my boyfriend so it’s really no big deal.


You mean, there’ll be people there? Watching me? And possibly talking about me?

Ya know, I see Dwayne all the time, so really, it’s no big deal that I get a picture with him this time around.

My friend insisted she still wanted her photo. I tried my best to convince her it would be better lighting for the picture if we waited for the crowd to pile into the theater. She didn’t buy it.

At this point, I think she rolled her eyes at me, pointed out that I’m all talk and no follow through, and then called me a baby. To which I fully agreed. But, we waded through the crowd anyway, where she placed her hand on Vin’s butt (yes, I have photographic proof. She says it was his shoulder, but I don’t know of anybody with their shoulder that low), and I lined up to take the picture. Of course we were in front of dozens of “car guys” and I could feel their eyes boring into the back of my head and my face turn a burning red as a result.

“She can take her picture with me. I look like Vin Diesel.”

I turned around to find the voice and offer a weak smile, but instead tried to hide my laughter. Standing in front of me was a scrawny white boy in a hoody (pulled over his head) and baggy pants. He was shorter than me and had a long hair lying over his shoulder (my friend and I later discussed his hair, trying to figure out if it was his beard or a ponytail).

Then he said, “We pretty much have the same build.”

I turned back around and snapped the picture with my friend’s phone, and then took one with mine; to which another guy said, “Gotta get one with both phones.”

I was about ready to DIE.

I grabbed my friend’s purse and weaved me and my embarrassment through the crowd and into the clearing of the lobby. I turned around to say something, but my friend WASN’T THERE! I stood on my tiptoes and searched for her.

And found her. Talking with the group of guys we’d just left. Laughing and conversing. Having a great time. When she finally found me she’d told me she made four new friends. And here I was, cowering in the corner, abandoning my photo opp with Dwayne.

Bottom line: I need to work on my “Who gives a crap?” line of thought and my follow-through. Twist at the waist, and swing on through with the shoulders.

Saturday found me at a dance performance a couple hours away (love the road trips) where I was introduced to the best Mexican food ever by some friends. It was just a hold-in-the-wall sort of place, but they had the best bean and cheese burritos, let me tell you.

Sunday night, I had over my sis and her hubby and their four awesome kids. They are the best nieces and nephews in the world. Hands down. I’m serious, folks. We all ate my homemade enchiladas which were A-MA-ZING. I may not have follow-through, but I can cook!

And last but not least, I got four FIVE (one just arrived) ARCs in the mail! So excited! 🙂 But when would I ever NOT be excited about getting another book? Especially when it’s f-r-e-e!

by Lola Shoneyin

by Beth McMullen

Wildfire (Coolest cover EVER–and not just because the Calle Lily is my favorite flower)

by Karsten Knight

by John Boyne

by Felix J. Palma

I think that Simon & Shuster really likes me (which is good, cuz I really like them). This is the fourth book they’ve sent me that I haven’t requested! They even included H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine book with Palma’s. Can’t wait to get started!


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