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Break it Down Now!

Third city for tryouts is A-T-L!! Debbie Allen, Mary, & Nigel are in the hot seats. First up: Audrey Case with a little girl voice. She doesn’t seem very mature in this impression. Oh. Wow. Farting with her neck? Got Sass the Machine’s attention. I hope the judge’s comments don’t ruin her audition. Good dancer. Woah. That backwards one armed flip thing was awesome. And her legs are good. She reminds me of Jordan from last year with all the standing splits. Nigel is such a dirty old man. Debbie Allen really liked her. Standing O from the audience. Hubby wasn’t all that impressed, though. He thought she did nice splits, but didn’t notice much of else. I knew what he was getting at, but I think she was a good dancer. Straight To Vegas. Nice job, Audrey, but try and mature a bit more between now and T20 (if you make it that far).

Blue horn hip hop dancers. Oh, Dragon House. Yup. Blue horns hair. Mr. T with his hair and earrings. One girl and twelve boys in that house? That sucks. Oh, maybe a 2nd girl. Borus (blue hair). Hip hopping to piano music and he’s never done it before, never a good thing to hear. But wow, even the way he set up was impressive. I think it’s going to be like Dr. Soul Exorcist boy. Mad skills people. M.A.D. Sooo good. That control and there’s so many little moves in this kind of dancing, and when you do it well, the dancer has so much talent and skill. It’s just …wow. In awe. I love the juxtaposition of the hip hop with the piano music. Hubby was impressed by it, too. GOOD JOB. Another Standing O. So . Well. Done. Great personality coming through, too. Debbie seems to see something in him, I can see it n her eyes. And he’s so reverent almost when he was thanking the judges.

Joshua Alexander is next. Hmmmm….Not sure what I think about his first impression….I hope he’s a good dancer. Very theatrical. Wow. First impressions are blown out of the water. He’s a lot better than I thought he was going to be. Good toes. Almost fell there on that slide back. WOW. FLYING LEAP LEG THING VERY IMPRESIVE. Wow!!!! ANOTHER IMPRESSIVE LEG FLIP LIFT THING (man, I need to learn this fancy terminology). ATL is starting off gereat! And all 3 judges are sending him to Vegas! Debbie told him he was special “It’s like you’re testifying”.

I liked how they did the montage of stories followed by clips of stories. Good approach. What? Who’s this goofball? Tim Conkel? Ooohh…a martial artist. But not as good as that other guy from last week. So fuynny,. Started dancing to get girls. America’s favorite Person. LOL. Oh, he’s funny. Great personality. He’d be a fun addition, but I don’t know how long he could be tolerated. Seems like a little goes a long way with him. He’s a little creepy, taking the Selena thing a little too far. Very personale. Look at that! Oh, snap. But get rid of the skinny girl jeans and the purple shoes. I be he goes through to Choreography. I hope he makes it to Vegans from there. Did you all see that little slip up? He almost face planted. Fun, fun audition. I agree with Nigel. Not sure where the dancing was. Lots of tricks. “Naughty Boy” sounds weird coming from Debbie Allen. For a minute I thought Tyce was there commenting. Haha. Let’s see what 7 days of ballet gets you. Pleas, twirls and arms. And a leap with spins. The Wolf Man. Good and the swan at the end. Joshy was cracking up so much. I LOVE THIS GUY!!!

Lots of impressive dancers. The hip hop guy all in black was talented. Loved that shoulder thing when he walked. Jackson. The wobble? What the heck kind of dance is that? Wow, who knew how popular the wobble was! Wow Debbie and Nigel. This is wrong on soooo many levels! On to choretography. Belly dancer!!!! Janelle. I would love to learn. We have a really good belly dancing crew here in town. Performing belly dancing at nursing homes? Oh, wow, dead people. Belly dancing is just impressive all around. The skill to move those little indivit=dual muscles and nothing else is impressive. And the control. Can you imagine an entire harem. Debbie is getting more into it than Nigel. Wow! That back bend. So flexible!! Such a good performance face she has. Star quality up the wazoo. Amen, Debbie, that’s what I was thinking. Belly Dancing coming from Alabama. Vegas or choreography? Choreography.

Danielle Dominguez. I wonder how they pick the people to interviews. What a fun mother daughter team. And she has a great smile. Loves bacon? That is just gross how much she eats bacon! And Nigel’s comment. I’d kill him. I’d kill him. Shut. Up. Nigel. Just shut up. I can’t believe mom’s doing a cheer. Wow. She’s pretty dang good! LOL. I’d do that for my daughter. Wow, mom looks so nervous. Great lines and looks for Danielle. She’s almost like a doll, a LOVE the song. Wow. I LOVE her! WEeird to the hilt, but beautiful. I like her. She’ll be one of my favorites in the T20. I can tell, she’s going that far. I see her very much with Tyce, Sonia, and Travis. Yup, I agree with Mary. Sonya choreographing and paring with Marc. That would be awesome to see. Maybe he’ll come back as one of the All Stars in the T10.

The rest of the Dragon House Crew!!! Cyrus and Andre. Andre up first. Ha! He looks so laid back and lack of energy. Loved how he 100% lined up his moves to the music! He was the music. And the rest of his crew was so impressed, too. Wow. He’s good at what he does. They all Are! NappyTabs would have so much fun with him. Crapness. So much fun to watch. That was good. And he knew it. Just look at his smile. Great smile. Even the cowboy in the back was getting excited. I don’t know about mystical, Debbie, but craptastically awesome? Yes, I do know about that.

Cyrus is next, following up his buddies. Lets see if he can keep the flow up. Shoulodn’t have worn pink. Sweating. But it’s all good. Look at his little twitches and his face expressions are aweomse. HOLY CRAP. He’s amazing! I’d love to see all three of them dance something they’ve choreographed. Wouldn’t that be so amazing??? I like how the judges are more willing to put bboys and hip hop dancers through to Vegas than in prior years. I think past dancers like legacy and tyo have really proved themselves to show that they aren’t boxed in any way and they truly have skills as dancers and they are strong enough and skilled tenough to do ANYTHING. WOW. Vegas, please. I love how the judges just let him keep going to the very end. I’m going to look for them on the web. There’s got to be some videos of them dancing together somewhere out there. Oh, no, lol. Nigel doing the robot. He’s actually pretty dang good. LOL. Who made it through choreography? Danielle! And the Wobbly dancer.

Day two! Bring on the crazies!! Courtney Kirby with her grandma. Evierdeen. Pretty name. “It wasn’t all tis flip[ping and floppin'” Fun grandma. Spry old lady with a fur coat. “Even when they do hip hop I’m crying”. Nigel certainly knows how to charm the ladies, that’s for sure! Grandma’s gonna make me cry! Wow, just the way she moves her body to the music with the power, she’s amazing. She really is. It was a little more gymnasticy for me, thgouh. I want to see more jumps. Oh, there’s one. I think , though, with this music, it’s a little harder for her to show me what I want to see, because it’s so powerful and punchy, ut she really is a great dancer. I’m not sure about that ending, though, with the rolling. It’ didn’t really fit for me. I really liked her. It’s exciting to see that at this young age she’s so good and the fact that she’s only going to get better. Boo Nigel! But they set it up that way. I think they were always going to send her to Vegas. Look at Grandma!!! So excited! “Are you sure you don’t want to change your mind so you don’t look ridiculous?” LOL Grandma is awesome!

(PS – Hubby’s left me to watch the rest of the show myself). Asher! It’s like Ken! Small town and the only dancer in the community. I argue with you, Asher, it is about being the best dancer and having a good personality. Back up dancer for Beiber? LOL. At least he’s honest! I think he’ll be okay. Wow. Just comparing him to the Dragon House Crew, he’s just okay. But on his own, he’s pretty stinking good, very spunky and good. Better than I thought he would be, but I don’t really picture him doing the waltz or the…haha…can you picute him doing the pasa doble? I say that with love, guys, but he’s kind of a small guy with a funky personality. He reminds me a lot of Kent. But, he’d be a good addition to the show.

George Lawrence II. Ah, a sports guy with a dancer heart. “When I’m dancing….I am me.” Beautiful. I don’t like that little ghost of a mustache, but that’s besides the point great sont do dance to because it gives him the room to really perform and show off all this skill. He has so much of it. The joh and almost, sadness, or just I dunno…sorrow? Ojust comes out of him, But in a good way, you know? I don’t know if that makes snese you you all, but it makes sense to me. Standing O. The way Debbie Allen says things, “you were born to dance”, she has such authority. I love it!

Abigail is saucy. Calvin was extrodinalry. I LOVED what little bit I saw of him. But minus the hot shorts. . Aubrey. Love the bink hair. A HA! The crazies are here! Is it just me, or does it seem like they’re showing less than previous years? Brittany Hortner, aka Chicken Girl. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? I liked that chicken with the feather legs. Cool chicken!! WOW, she has a fun personality. A Chicken Sheriff. A good dancer, but it seems so far that she’s just doing a bunch of moves and not a dance. She’s cute, though and good technique. . Nice face But I think they’d be dumb not to pass her through. I agree with Mary, such room to go. Choreography!

Damon and Deon. I don’t remember them from a prior season, but oh snap. Ripping off a routine from YouTube? You really thought you wouldn’t get cought?? Really?? This was last year?!?! Oh!!! I remember those guys. . Wow! THEY were the ones that copied?? Not cool. Wow. That was very impressive. And they did say it! That’s harsh. They have great personalities. “Twits?” Mary? “Tweets”. They are fun and good dancers. But can they dance with other partners? At some points they were a little off. Loved that change into dub step (which is awesome). OMG> That guy with the bandana has such a fun personality. Standing O from the audience. I think they should go to choreography. How’d they do?? Wow, your toes are a sin, boyw. But they did pretty good on everything else. Not bad at all. LOL. Deon didn’t make it. Poor guy. Damon? Vegas. But his toes!!!!! Agh!!!! It’s all good. And Chicken girl!!

Predictions: Loved Borus and I think he has a good chance of going far in Vegas is not all the way to the T20. Wolf Man, I hope he can pick up the choreography and other dance styles in Vegas because I need him ther ein the T20. Danielle – T20 fo sho. Dragon House Crew I HOPE beyond anything else that they make it into the T20, but I have a feeling that for drama purposes, they’ll split them up. I hate it when they do that. Asher, they might put him through just for the “cute boy” aspect. George has what it takes to make it in and Brittany, I think there’s something there, too. What about you all? What do you think? Happy Thursday! –Me

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