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Break it down now!

So, you all probably noticed that I didn’t blog about last week’s show. There are two reasons behind that.

  1. I forgot all about it and didn’t watch it in time for a Thursday post

  2. When I got to work and chatted with my SYTYCD buddies, I trusted their opinions that it wasn’t worth the two hours. The fact that they only re-danced favorites in the past didn’t appeal to me, and the fact that the guest judges didn’t even know who Twitch was was a huge turn off.

But I’m back for last night’s show! I can’t believe how fast this season has gone and that we’re already down to the top 10 dancers. And so far, no real upsets (for me) as to who was sent home. And good news! The All Stars are back now!

Guest Judge: Benjamin Millepied (great judge, btw. And I loved the smoldering eyes he was giving some of the dancers when they were getting their critiques)

Group Number: For me, it was eh. There was too much going on, too all over the place and I couldn’t really focus on or appreciate any of the dancing. Nothing really stood out until the very end when Cole popped out. And then I noticed he hadn’t even danced and had to go back and watch Tyce do it (which, I must admit, was a treat).

Tiffany and AS Brandon This was probably the best disco number of the show’s career. It was so fun, and fresh, and modern. It almost didn’t seem like a disco at all. That opening with Brandon’s flip was STELLAR and the outfits and tricks were just fabulous. It was soooo entertaining and I LOVED it.

Witney and AS Nick did a very fun jazz routine about being ghosts in a night club. This was also a great routine. The sexiness from Whitney in the beginning (and through the entire dance, really) was just va-va-voom! Just her walk up to the microphone and she OWNED that place. I thought it was really creative how Travis put in some ballroom footwork into the number for her. Sidebar: I’ve noticed more this season than previous ones that the choreographers are doing that and I think it’s great. I thought this was a very good routine and enjoyed it immensely. And the ending was superb.

Cole and AS Anya I think this cha-cha was probably my least favorite routine of the night, and as much as I adore Cole, I think he’ll be in risk of being in the bottom 2 next week and may very well be sent home. He was pretty good at the cha-cha, and had pretty steady connections, but it still just wasn’t all there for me. Anya, though, she’s on fire. Even when she walks off stage, her hips are insane. I thought she was going to eat Cole alive with them during the routine. Let’s get real for a minute…those costumes? Really? Dimitri….we need to have a little sit down.

Lindsay and AS Jacob had a great Broadway number and I loved how Spencer choreographed the opening with the shadows. I wish they’d danced to a different version of the song, though. But man, oh man: Lindsey is an amazing dancer. That was a very entertaining routine.

Will and AS Kathryn Will needs to take a step back from Katherine’s forehead and stop with the kisses. Try playing hard to get, buddy, and stop making it so obvious in front of the entire nation the crush you have on her. Oh, and while you’re at it, stop with the Broadway face during your number. Schiza that was distracting. But Katherine. She is such a captivating dancer, in all her moves. I just kept watching her and not him.

Cyrus and AS Jaimie had a contemporary routine about the end of the world. And Cyrus, buddy, you pulled it off. Sure, it was rough, but you were respectable and it was believable. Well done my favorite dancer. Well done. Saying that, I now have to say this: There comes a point when passion, raw energy, and the need to dance (as Nigel put it) has to take a back seat to technique and style and skill. I have a feeling that that road trip will be coming soon for him, there are plenty of better dancers on the show. But, maybe not. After all, it is America’s favorite dancers. And I’ll be voting for him until the very end.

Chehon and AS Lauren Oh, Chehon, my little ballerina. You NAILED it. I’m so proud. He did a fantabulous job for being on the opposite spectrum of his style and he was respectable in keeping up with Lauren. It was fun and cute.

George and AS Allison I loved this jazz routine (and I loved her skirt) I didn’t even get a chance to write any notes because I was too busy watching the number. Well done.

Eliana and AS Alex Yay! I LOVE Alex. And the fact that he didn’t injure himself during the number was a huge plus. This was another of my favorite routines of the night. Two of my favorite dancers and a great number. The costumes, choreography, connection, EVERYTHING about it was perfect. Eliana’s such a brilliant dancer.

Audrey and AS Twitch Okay, nobody told Audrey that when you’re dancing with Twitch, you have to bring you’re A game. You can’t slack in any way or it will stand out like a spotlight. Example A: the way the two of them got out of the coffin in the beginning. Audrey is a good dancer, don’t get me wrong, but she was too fluid in this dance and not tough enough. I thought she should have gotten a few pointers from Cyrus before going on stage.

Bottom four Whitney, Audrey, Chehon, and George.

Solos Whitney brought it, 100%. Audrey – It was too safe. Both Chehon and George had great solos, but Chehon’s had more power to it.

Guest Performance L.A. Dance Project

Who went home Audrey and Geroge. Which I’m okay with.

Bottom four for next week I think it will be Cole and Will for the boys and Tiff and Lindsey for the girls.

What about you? What do you think of the dancers sent home? Who are your picks for the bottom 4?

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