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Break it Down Now!

Day two of auditions and we’re starting off in Hollywood! (All quotes in this review will be from Jesse) I love when Cat hangs out in line with the contestants. She always does crazy things. Mary, Nigel, and JESSE TYLER FERGUSON!!!! I Love when that guys’s on this show! He always has astute and good things to say. “I wanna see booty shakin’! I wanna see you feeling yourself up!” Alexa the Veteran is back from last season (she was cut at the end of Vegas). I liked her audition costume of the skirt. Unique compared to everyone else. Loved her audition showed her flexibility and range. From slow to fast and power. But she was a little sloppy it looked like. She could have have more control, it looked like. I liked the song she danced to. Straight though to Vegas

Johnny Waacks. Like the cat woman / spy lady from last year. This whole dance style is insane. But he is such a unique and awesome character. The whole question and answer segment was a little uncomfortable/tacky on the judges’ part. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that funny, and it was kind of unfair to the contestant. But then again, he was setting himself up. Let’s just see him dance already. Jeez. Wow. He had some moves and flavor when he started dancing. But far from what the show needs. Prncess Lockaroo from last year was a million times better. “If Lenny Kravits was a Russion Nesting Doll, you’d be the very center.”

Eliana contemporary and areal silks! A ring! Cirque de soleil. Wow. What a resume! Eliana Girard Pole Dancing Girl. Wow. I’m in love.She’s amazing. OMG. Favorite! Ballet and contemp combo. Beautiful. Loved that back pointe slide move. SOOOO GOOD. Standing O. There was so much respect in Nigel’s eyes. . The kick on pointe! Oh, be still my heart. Jesse’s right. The presence that Eliana brings is a lot like Melanie from last season.

Lots of good dancers in the montage. Lots of Vegas Direct dancers. Which is good. The TWINS!!! I’ve been waiting all week for Nick and James.!!! You have no idea. They need an act. “We said we’ll dance!” *Snap*. They’re awesome!!!! “You wanna know why he got fired? Because he was meant for beter things.” They are good but they need to work on being in sync better. I think they need a few more years practice. James is so good with his face and expressions. They are good. Uh-oh, Nigel said no lip syncing. Oooh! Acrobatics. Standng O from the auditorium. I’m so bummed they’re too old to be on the show. 😦

Sam. Wow. Her mom kicked her out one day after dance class. Leg lift in the beginning, woo! She can bend! and her leg strength!!! She has a lot of talent and strength and CONTROL! She made everyone cry with her beauty! I can’t believe they didn’t let her dance any longer. It felt like she didn’t dance long enough. Good feedback from Nigel – you know he likes her when he offers critiques like this. Choreography!!

Caley with the sweet mustache. A tapper. Let’s see. That as a main dance style has never made it through very far. Because they aren’t strong enough in other areas. He’s a quirky personality. Good smile and eyes sparkle when he does. ADHD – comes through 100%. LOVE the song. Wish he would have done a little more upbeat one, though, but he worked it with tricks and acting. Personality up the wazoo! He really worked his taps in well with the music. Keeping with the music and the beat. GREAT!! Loved that last part he did. “Such a Cliché. You have a mustache you tap ad you surf. I see it all the time.” Jesse’s right, such a mash up of a person. He’s like an excited little penguin, flapping his arms like that. Choreography. Nice! He was excited, so was I.

Megan Branch AKA Mini Sonia. Oh. A Sonia dancer. Could tell that right from the beginning and the way that she moves. Great song (Yet again). Trying to remember where I’ve heard it from. Great facial expressions. And she’s dancing to the song with the song. Great power and talent. Oh! Why’d they make her stop?! Very good energy. (Okay, the clip below isn’t from SYTYCD, but it’s the same routine).

Cole the Martial artist dancer. He looks like a model. Wow! Speed and power. And grace abounds with this guy! I’d love to see him do other genres of dance, too. It does look like martial arts, but so smooth and fluid and beautiful. Another great song. I think they should make a soundtrack for the auditions. So spot on. Great. I want to see him go to Vegas. Mom’s in the background “You’re such an over achiever…” He does have awesome presence. VEGAS!!! His mom is so awesome!

Where are all the crazies?!?! There are the crazies!! I was beginning to wonder! Hubby got all excited and ran into the room, parking his behind next to mine. David the hoop dancer! Hes a circus performer! wow. What a great living situation. Where’s that kind of circus? I wanna go to that kind of circus. They might send him to choreography to see if he can do anything else, but based on that alone, not strong enough to Vegas. Obviously. How is he not dizzy? Oooh! He brought it back up. It is very skillful and beautiful, but for entertainment value, in my opinion. I’m sorry. A hand reach out into the audience isn’t going to be enough, David. “It’s amazing what you can do with one of Cat Deely’s old earrings.”

Stephen Jacobson. Threw it together last minute. Nigel is a dirty old man. Non-traditional ballet. But he’s been dancing it 17 years. That’s not ballet at all, what I just watched. What the heck is he doing on stage? And what’s that look on his face. I agree with Nigel. This is terrible. Cincinnati Ballet. “You should be shot for that choreography.” (<– Nigel) Ouch! But they’re right. “Well, that was fine…..” Holy crap. They’re giving him a second chance. Unprecedented. How can he dance if he doesn’t know the song? Great ballerina. Such nice lines and power. That got him to Vegas. Good thing he got a second change and Nigel kicked him in the but! And when he was doing his flips outside, I swear, it looked like he was going to hit his head on the concrete.

Lots of familiar faces. Guy with the goofy pants! And the girl popper and the blond! I REMEMBER THEM ALL. Jonathan is back, I don’t ever remember him. The Italian Cat. Small guy. Going from ballroom to b-boy? Not sure how this is going to go. Wo, those flips show so much strength. Such personality. Looks like he’s been bumbled. And his body is kind of twisting in weird ways. His personality is coming through well. Still kept a little of his arrogance at the end there. OH. Wow. That guy is something else. Oh. My. gosh. I can’t keep watching. What?!?! Mary wants to send him to Vegas. Jesse’s the deciding factor. To Choreography he goes.

Marchae and Jasmine are brother and sister. Wow, Jasmine is such a strong dancer and beautiful lines. Love her hair. So pretty. Great dancer. I really didn’t have time to comment because I was so enthralled in her routine. Vegas. Marshea Kidd. Look at thoselines! So much feeling in his routine. And in his moves. I’m disappointed that there were’nt more crazyies. Idiots aboutnd, tough.

Predictions: Wow. So many good dancers. I think that Eliana, Megan, Jasmine will make it into the Top 20. I think there’s a stong possibility that Stephen and Cole will make it as well. At least I hope they do! Marchae? Not so much. Happy Firday, my friends! –Me

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