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Okay, let’s all be honest with ourselves: We knew this day was coming. The last week of SYTYCD. It’s okay, get a good cry out now. I won’t judge, promise. Let’s just hope tonight’s show is awesome. LOVE Cat’s dress.

Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tad. Who will be crowned America’s favorite dancer tomorrow night? Tonight is the last night they compete to try and win over our votes.

Kenny Ortega and Katie Holmes are the guest judges tonight (I think Nigel got Botox, his forehead looked a little tight).

Interviews & Solos

Melanie’s solo It was too short. Bottom line. The entire sequence where she went into the backbend and then stretched out – her legs are pure muscle and her points and turnout are both something I was drooling over. They did a little interview before hand. I wonder how her boyfriend feels about her crush on Neil and the open-mouthed (but no tongue) kiss with Marko.

Marko’s solo “if you have a reason to live, you don’t have a reason to quite”. Great quoted. And Marko’s solos was another one that I didn’t want to end.

Tadd’s solo haha! Apparently Tadd has a fan club website! This is great. Tadd’s sheer strength in his dancing is amazing each and every time. We all know he has strength, but the control he has that goes with it is astonishing. He knows he has a following, and he uses it to his advantage. Well done, Tadd. Well done.

Sasha’s solo Loved Sasha’s cute little shorts. I think that everyone really brought it to their solo’s tonight. They finally feel like the really need to earn America’s vote. And with all of them, their solo wasn’t nearly long enough.

Melanie & Marko for a disco! It’s always hard and few have pulled it off. Let’s see how they do Doriana’s routine! Human mirror balls with energy!!! Marko did pretty well, but at times, it seemed a little rehearsed. Doriana is known for having wicked fast and complicated routines, but this one just felt so slow and forced. I kept waiting for it to pick up and really get going.

Sasha & AS Mark (doesn’t it seem like she keeps getting tinier and tinier?) Sonya’s routine – ode to Sasha. (Mark always does fierce Sonya routines). Wow. It was so fast and intricate. They did a great job (I recognize the base line and synthetics from this song from another one of her routines, just thought I’d mention that). Mark and Sasha did a terrific job in this number. Sonya looked very satisfied with this number. They didn’t just hit every movement, they pounded the crap out of it. (PS – It’s fun to see celebrities in the audience. Like Amy Poehler)

Tadd & OMG AS JOSHUA!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for two seasons of AS for him!! Hip hop with Lil’C! A dance about the hustle. Look! Joshua is still so stinkin’ cute! Holy crap Josh is so good at what he does. He hit so hard and his attitude and swag was everywhere. I dare say it overwhelmed Tadd a little, but he still did pretty good. I think that they did a good job at staying together, but Tadd was a little looser and more smooth on his moves, so he was a little behind Joshua at times. Josh just moves directly from point A to point B in everything he does, where as Tadd seems to take a detour through point C. OOH, Mary. I thought she was going in a different direction with her comments, but I’m glad she changed course. I don’t know what Nigel was expecting to get from Tadd. Favorite routine.

Melanie & AS Robert Stacie contemporary routine. Unrequited love. Robert is another one of my favorite dancers, and I think that with Melanie being partnered with him, it really let’s her shine. I do have to say that sometimes Stacey doesn’t pick the best of music, but that’s just my opinion. They looked so beautiful when they were dancing in tandem. And when he picks her up and hugs her towards the end, it was just beautiful. There’s no other word for it. Melanie really got sucked up in the emotion and made it so real. All the choreographers that are guest judges want to work with Melanie. I loved how Cat tried to land Melanie a gig and then did a little dance. Melanie always gets rave routines. I still remember her audition. It literally brought me to tears with the beauty of it.

Sasha & Marko Broadway with Spencer. Sasha wants a little fun with her waiter. Her dress is great and she makes a Mohawk look very feminine. Her arms are fierce and did you see her quads?!?!?! This was a very good, entertaining and funny number. Marko did such a fun job. And the ending was so much fun. Everyone loved it but Nigel, and he got boo’s almost out of his chair.

Sasha & Tadd Mark Ballas Cha Cha. Loved her costume. Ha! He slapped her bum!! It was kind of weird having her so much taller than him and still tryng to take him seriously as a macho leading man. She did a good job of seeming like she was going to eat him. And although I liked the dance, I didn’t like her the best in ti. Him either. I’ve seen them both do better. It seemed like there were too many places where they messed up and missed holds, too much thinking and planning, etc. Mary agreed with me, and you can’t afford to have as many big mistakes s they did.

Marko & AS Lauren Tessandra Chavez’s failed love story. I already like Tessandra. From the opening few bars. She’s very good with her movements and using her dancers. And wow. The spinning lift sequence was beautiful. They did a really good job staying together in their movements and in their emotions. There wasn’t much to say about this because I was just so absorbed in the dancing.

Tadd & Melanie Ray Leeper – she finds out he’s been cheating. WOW! Melanie looks hot! She has to dance the entire first part in only one heel. That, sirs and madams, is talent. Melanie’s control and movement of her body is so skilled. She really knows how do use it. Wow, this was a fun routine. To be completely honest, I didn’t really notice Tadd that much. I don’t even think he danced that much. My focus was on Melanie.

Melanie & Sasha Always so excited to see them dance together. Stacey gave them a suppressed housewives breaking out. LOVED the dresses! Tonight is certainly a night for awesome costumes. They pair and partner so well together, both so strong, yet not taking away from the other, only adding. It’s fun to see them side by side because you can really compare them. Sasha dances with power and Melanie dances with heart, which I think, in the end, will really win her the top spot. Well done!

Marko & Tadd A Gumboot stepping routine from South Africa. by Chuck. OMG. I haven’t heard this song since my junior year in high school. A fun routine, but wasted on these two. I say this only because it wasn’t for Marko at all, he was out of his element and I felt it from the beginning. Too soft, out of sync with Tadd, missed hits. It just wasn’t good. And the choreographer and Lil’C didn’t look happy with it at all. I love Katie, she only had positive things to say to each of the dancers very time. Even this one. Wow. Interesting and a little “I didn’t like that very much” comment from Nigel.

Overall, this was a very disappointing season finale, and a few of the judges agreed, but I think it will be Melanie.


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