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Break it down now!

Oh, the results. Only one more week left!

Love Cat’s hair love the color of the dress. Don’t love the dress itself. Same with Mary’s dress. Not a fan.

Opening routine was pretty cool. The flower was a neat prop and I liked how everyone was doing their own thing but at the same time, the same. I also liked how they partnered Melanie and Marko together again. Reminded me a little of free love and flower children. They all had a fun time doing it and it showed. Entertaining, but by far, not my favorite. Routine by Justin Giles.

Solos! I like how everyone danced and not just the bottom. I loved Sasha’s, It was so unique and her. I think she learned something from Melanie last night. Caitlynn’s a cute dancer, but compared to Sasha’s solo, very weak, I really didn’t think she brought it, and what’s with her shoulder dips? Lovin’ Melanie’s playlist. I love Sia, but I didn’t think her solo was as strong as last night’s or Sasha’s. I dare say that Caitlynn brought more tonight than she did. Tadd’s solo was pretty fun, lots of floor work and a lot of the same tricks as before, but I guess when it’s that limited of a genre, you’re in a box of sorts. Marko is always fun to watch, he has so much talent to offer as a dancer. Ricky . Wow. I think he brought it more last night than he ever has before. And his pointed toes are SICK!

National Dance Day videos! Always so much fun.

Kent and Lauren are back! Performing some of the Emmy nominated routine! Always loved this one, Last season they kissed, lets see if they do again this year. Kent really has grown up so much as a person and dancer. I wonder if they still like each other? I think they did as good a job this time around as they did last time. Whoa! I think that kiss was bigger than last year’s!!! And Joshua will be back next week!

Results! As Nigel said, the two going home are the ones that have the lowest votes from America. They aren’t going to pull rank. Who’s the first girl to be safe? MELANIE!!! I seriously wanted to cry tears of joy. The first guy to go through? MARKO!!! I knew it!

Bad Boys of Dance. Holy cow the height these boys got in their jumps! I love the rock ballet. It’s so much fun. Beautifully danced. They even got off at the same time.

Final results for our dancers!! Which girl is going home? CAITLYNN! I knew it. I’m sad to see Caitlynn go home, but that’s the way we all thought it would go. Now for the boys. I saw the shared wink. RICKY!

Wow. That was a HARD show. But, out of the six, these two were the weakest. Now trying to narrow it down next week for who will win. I really feel it will be Melanie. What do you think?

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