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break it down now!

Ha! Look at this everybody! Look at this! I’m early. That’s right. Early. I need to start taking my notes on my Mini instead of long hand. This would only make sense. Carrying on…

I love the group numbers. So much. And this group number was terrific. I loved the song and choreography and costumes. I love the style and the look (Anyone know what it’s called?). The number was absolutely beautiful and not one dancer stood out more than any other. They all did their best. On a slight side note, anyone else notice that all of Mary’s dresses tend to be of the one shoulder variety?

Eliminations this time around were going to be hard. We all knew that from the beginning. At this point in the game, everyone left is a superb dancer, you just have to pick the weakest link to go home. I always discuss the show and every possible angle at with my coworkers the next morning. We have our favorites and argue who will go home/be in the bottom and why. Between the three of us, we pretty much nail it each week. Our predictions after Wednesday’s show? Bottom 4: Caitlynn, Jordan, Jess & Ricky.

Reality? Caitlynn, Jordan, Jess, and Tadd???? What the beeeeep?!?!?!

Seriously, to me, this in the bag. When it came down to the boys, Cat already said that Jess was already in the bottom. It came down to Ricky and Tadd. This is so easy! I thought. Ricky will be in the bottom.

But no!!!! It was Tadd! What the heck, America!

I sat on the couch in disbelief when they called Ricky’s name as being SAFE. All I could say was What?!?! At the top of my lungs. But, what’s done is done. Time to prepare for solos.

The guest performance was A MA ZING! The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD). Oh my! on repeat x100. For real. Everything was fantastic and had me in awe. Their unison, their choreography, the fact that the tricksters were spinning and kicking in the air omplete unison! I WAS DROOLING, PEOPLE! DROOLING!!! I LOVED this number! Loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED! Can I get that across clear enough? This number! Holy crap! Cat said something about them being on Hulu August 7th for their 3rd season, but to be honest, I was is still shock from their amazingness to pay attention to what she was saying. Chris Scott helped choreographed it, which is no real surprise, or that he’s a great dancer. I really want to download it to my iPod and DROID so I can watch it whenever. Please, watch it at least 5 times. Right. Now.

Solos. Who brought it, and who didn’t

Okay, I don’t think that any of them really brought anything except Jess and possibly Caitlynn. The others already looked defeated. Even Tadd I was a little disappointed with. His solo was far from phenom. But, the judges seemed entertained.

Lady Gaga performed. It was good, but I was still suffering my awesome dancing hangover to really pay attention. Okay, breathe.

All right! So, who went home? Nigel had said that at this point, the judges basically went with America’s choice because they were all great dancers– Jess and Jordan, b. Sad, buh-bye. But, that’s what happens. Life goes on! I think I’m going to go LXD’s performance again.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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