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Apologies for the neglect and lack of love last week. And we’re back! With LADY GAGA!!! What a fun night of judges. Rob Marshall was also there (and what an addition he was to the panel!) Gaga looked straight out of a Beatles’ album. Hello, Sgt. Pepper! Onto the show!

Dances with All Stars

Sasha & Pasha

Pasha, Pasha, Pasha. Everything is better with Pasha. I think I like him so much because of Cat’s reaction every time she’s around him. Anyway, they had a Quickstep with Jonathan Roberts (I’m going to stop my comments about all the new choreographers they’re bringing in). It was very quirky and fun and pretty dang good. They’re feet were fast and complicated and they nailed the steps. Sasha’s knees were still a little wide, but much better than before.

Caitlynn & Ivan

They had a Marty Kudelka lyrical hip hop routine about a girl being fed up with her man, but in the end he wins her back. I need to say that Caitlynn is amazing. She is so versatile and really has the skill to make everything look good. Even hip hop. The dance was very Usher-ish with Ivan (Who is a drop dead gorgeous dancer).

Jordan & Adé

In the words of Nigel when Adé was first on the show, “What a difference Adé makes.” And he really does. I’ve forgotten what a great dancer he was. I’m so glad they’re bringing back the All Stars. They had a Tyce Jazz number that was the PERFECT routine for Jordan. Just perfect! It was awesome and wonderful and I forgot to write things down about it, so just watch. Favorite Routine.

Melanie & Neil

They had a Mandy Moore contemporary routine about a relationship at crossroads. Melanie is so talented with these emotional numbers. She always gives her all and makes it real. Like AS Alison, she pulls from deep within, and WOW. That flying jump into Neil’s arms! Gaga was near tears at the end and everyone gave them a standing O (Gaga was two feet taller than everyone with her shoes). I agreed with everything the judges said. There really is something about Melanie, and it’s not just her dancing, that makes her fantastic. I loved the jump she did off stage into Neil’s arms. Hope her boyfriend isn’t jealous.

Ricky & Aña

A Jason Gilkison Jive. No story, just dancing their asses off. Sweet tricks and amazingly fast feet, but Ricky missed the over the shoulder throw and it looked really awkward and strained. Aña kind of tumbled to the ground. It wasn’t my favorite routine. Gaga kind of blamed the “badness” of the routine on the choreographers. Number 1 rule about SYTYCD – Don’t attack the choreographer (she did this also on all the hip hop routines).

Jess & Lauren

A NappyTabs routine about a cheater asking for forgiveness. Jess did a great job staying together with Lauren (who is a-ma-zing). The emotion was really there, and I felt such honesty and vulnerability from Jess. It was the first time that I actually connected with him as a person and didn’t find him slightly obnoxious. Every week, like the judges said, he keeps getting better and better.

Tadd & Lauren

Loved this routine by Mandy Moore about a heist. First of all, the song was great, and I loved Tadd (realized last night that I’ve been spelling his name wrong this entire time). He lost his had near the middle of the routine and then was punched in the face by Lauren, but he kept going, and it was awesome. The dance lost a little of it’s flavor without the hat, but it still worked.

Marko & Alison

Okay, so this dance got a standing O all the way around. Everyone was crying: the dancers, the parents, the judges, the audience. It was a contemporary routine by Sonya about the guilt and desire to change after realizing that you hurt someone because of something you’ve done or said intentionally. Sonya really wanted to express a number to motivate people to be nicer and less judgemental. And I think that that’s what made this number so emotional for everyone. We’ve all been in that place where we’ve caused someone to hurt. And proud or not of our actions, Sonya convicted each and every one of us to the core.

Dances with Each Other

Caitlynn & Tadd

They had a Foxtrot by Jonathan. Classic Fred and Ginger. Her dress. His tux. It was all magical. Loved it, very fun to watch.

Ricky & Marko

This number was sooo much fun! A hip hop number by NappyTabs about two bad ass garbage men. Mako and Ricky both brought it, Marko most of all, but they were both fun to watch. This was the routine, though, where Nigel said Ricky would be in the bottom 3.

Jordan & Jess

I thought this one was exceptionally choreographed, although the judges didn’t like it too much. It was a Rumba by Jason to one of my favorite songs by Adele, but the story behind the dance didn’t come through for me. The pairing of Jordan and Jess was interesting. Jess is such a small guy, ad Jordan is a big girl for him–in more ways than one. Almost too much woman for him to handle. But I think he did pretty well, although I must admit I hardly looked at him. Jason put Jordan barefoot for the dance, which suited the height difference and story and emotion of the song. Plus the chair. He had them use it for assisted lifts and tricks, which was really, really smart. Over all I liked it, but it wasn’t one of my favorites.

Sasha & Melanie

Okay, so this was my other favorite routine of the night (I told you there weren’t that many). It was a Sonya jazz routine. I have no idea what it was about, but didn’t care, because these girls rocked it. It was so funny to see Melanie in a Sonya routine (I don’t think it’s happened yet this year). I thought she’d be out of place, but even though she was out of her element, she was fierce and she owned it! I loved their little crab walk and attitude was there in spades. I loved Melanie’s spiky hair, and I agree with Nigel: These two are the best in the show. Standing O in the house. They even got a Gaga shoe! As well as Sonya!

Who’s gonna go

Okay, so this is going to be hard. Getting down to the Top 8 means that everyone is pretty much a genius. But, decisions have to be made. Unfortunately, none of the routines really stuck out to me as being fantastic, all though I do have to say there were a few favorites, but I’ve liked other routines more, if that makes any sense. I’ve noticed a pattern with Nigel. If there’s someone he wants to be in the bottom, he says so, or he makes little comments to sway the voters. It shouldn’t happen that way, but it does. He did this with Ricky last night. I agree that he was the weakest of all the guys, but still.

So, my predictions for tonight: Ricky & Tadd for the bottom and Caitlynn & Jordan for the bottom. Going home, I think it will be Ricky & Caitlynn. What about you?


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