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Break it down now!

Opening routine: Was very good, loved how it came across on the TV as black and white and all the dancing was pretty good, but for some reason, I didn’t really connect with it.

Guest judge: Christina Applegate (Glad she’s back) Tiffany & George: NappyTabs – Adventures in babysitting. Tiffany hits it and brings it in this routine. George is dang impressive, too, but Tiffany stole the show for me. Is it just me, or are the routines this season longer? (What is with all of Mary’s sparkles? The butterfly rings, dangling earrings, bracelet and shoulders? A little too much).

Amber & Brandon with a jazz routine by Ray Leeper: Amber did good and was hot, and I was a little disappointed with Brandon’s part. I didn’t feel that they really gave him much dancing to do, just running around and lifts. I wanted to see him really break out into a different dance style and shine since he’s a stepper.

Janelle & Dareian and the cha-cha by Pasha: They are perfect for each other in this dance. I couldn’t even tell that this wasn’t their normal routine. I noticed her legs could be together a little more, but they were there for each other on all the connections. A little rough, but they were entertaining. Even he was interesting. Wow, my opinion was the exact opposite of Mary’s. Well anyway, I thought it looked great.

Lindsay & Cole dancing contemporary with Mandy Moore: Relationship between love and hate. How can you be a dancer nad hate feet? And have a foot phobia? Wow, there was a sequence in there that was so powerful. I thought they did good together, and It was a nice routine, but again, I just didn’t connect with them. I don’t know if it’s just me tonight, or what. And it seemed like there were too many times where she was just holding her legs out for him to grab.

Amelia & Will with a jazz number by Mandy Moore: Opposites attract. I’m not a fan of jazz routines very much, but Amelia was so cute. I just love her so much. In the end though, The routine was pretty good, but I think it was the dancers that I liked more than the routine. They just have such chemistry and they school every single routine they dance.

Audrey & Matthew dancing salsa by Liz Lira: Not liking the red costumes this season. Lets see how they do on the tricks since that’s what they had problems on. Well, they pulled them off, but it was more of a set up, execute move, finish. Too staged, set up very structured and no flow. When they were dancing, though, they did well. Matthew forgot to smile most of the time. It was okay.

Witney & Chehon in a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine: The impossible circumstances. The power in Chehon’s opening move was just amazing and Whitney was so beautiful in this number. I didn’t think she could, because I always just thought of her as cheap, something about her…but this dance just changed that impression of her in my mind. Great sequence there. Standing O. I’ve noticed when it has to do with love, or having something you can’t, the judges cry and a Standing O happens. Favorite

Eliana & Cyrus in a NapyTabs hip hop routine: Music box ballerina. I thought Cyrus was brilliant per usual. Bt Eliana did a pretty good job with the hip hop, Nigel wanted grungier, here he goes. Dub steps in everything. I really did love this routine.

Solos: Amber, Lindsay, Eliana, George, Brandon, Dareian are in the bottom. Amber, Eliana, Brandon and Dareian were all asked to dance solos. I didn’t enjoy Amber’s solo. I kind of felt it was all over the place. Brandon’s was good, a little bit like an exercise routine in the beginning and not a lot of stepping and I think that was because of the song. Eliana’s routine was so breathtaking, even without the pointe shoes. Between she and Amber, Amber’s got to go. There are so many contemporary dancers on the show already, that I think they should save Brandon if it comes down to him and Dareian. I mean, Dareian’s solo was good. He’s a talented dancer for sure.

Guest performance: The Hunt. Very powerful and awesome. Some of the partnering was a little awkward, it seemed like it was supposed to be danced by a male and female paring, but with it being done by two males, it was a little off looking. These guys, though, were so powerful. The stamina and energy and power this routine took was epic, and they kept it all up with such intensity through the entire thing. I was so impressed.

So, who’s going home? Hubby says it should be Lindsey and George. I say Amber and Dareian. The judges picked Amber & Brandon. NO! Oh, a sad, sad day.

Routines tonight weren’t that great. Actually, so far this season, there weren’t too many fabulous partner routines. Good group numbers but not enough good partner ones. Who’s going home in three weeks? I think the bottom 3 guys and girls will be: Janelle, Audrey, & Tiffany, and Dareian, George, & Matthew.

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