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Break it down now!

Two more dancers lost last night. But it’s okay because next week, we get All Stars! And we have their names. Melody, Alison, Pasha, Twitch, Comfort, Chelsea, Brandon, Kathryn, Robert, & Alex. Oh wait. Alex snapped his other tendon, so he won’t be there. So who will the 10th be?? My co-workers and I are hoping it’s Kent. So, no ring on Cat’s finger, so I guess that answers that question. Emmy nominations! Cat got one for best reality show host. The show got 8 total, 5 for dances (videos at the bottom of the post).

The opening routine was awesome! I was so entranced that I didn’t write anything down. I couldn’t. My eyes were glued to the screen. On my paper I found a scribble about Jordan being sexy in the dance and the guys spin-kick-thing being wicked awesome. All I know is that it wasn’t long enough. It was choreographed by Kelly Abby (New to the show, and what a way to come in blazing).

Bottom Couples Every Thursday morning, my co-workers and I discuss the show, talk about the routines and decide who should be in the bottom and then who should go home. I’m pleased to announce that we called all of it. First on stage were Jesse & Clarice and Mitchell & Caitlynn. Mitch and Cait were it. Next were M&M and R&R. There was no way in heck that M&M were going to go home. R&R were in the bottom. The third and final group was Sasha & Alexander and Jordan & Tad. Even though they had good routines, Sasha and Alex were in the bottom.

Performances & Special guests I didn’t really care for either of them, so I’m not going to comment or post them. 🙂 Mainly because, Rule #1: Rapping in the middle of your tap routine = me fast forwarding on my DVR. Sorry, folks. But, if you want to watch them, they’re on YouTube.

Who brought it and who didn’t Wow. So many brought it. So many didn’t You’d think, at this stage, they’d all bring it. Caitlyn is always the good dancer. Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell. Rule #2: Unitards (especially on guys) = negative votes. But, he did dance for his life. Ryan was defeated before she even got on stage, and it showed. Ricky’s height was amazing, and he danced for his life too. Sasha was good and unique, but in my opinion, wasn’t strong enough. Alex….agh!! Rule #3: ballet tights and a shirtless torso DO NOT nuetralize the other!


The judges were unanomous on their decision that Ryan should go home. And I agree. The guys, not so much. It was a 3:1 vote that sent the loser packing. As they were lined up, getting one last piece of advice from Nigel, Hubby comments, “Alexander wins! He’s the only one with his shirt buttoned up all the way!” Needless to say, he doesn’t fully understand the art of dance. But what’s this?!?! The judges have sent Alex and his wavy hair home! What about the unitard?!?!?!

Emmy nominated routines (Sorry in advance for the really CRAPPY quality of some of these, but Blogger is throwing one of its fits again) Gotta love those folks who record from their TV…

Mandy Moore’s Boogie Shoes – Lauren and Billy

Mia Michaels Alice in Wonderland

Stacey Tookey – Billy & Ade

Travis Wall

Tabitha and Napoleon – Alex and Twitch

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