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Boy oh boy. What a night of dance! So many good routines, it’s going to be hard to send someone home tomorrow!

Guest Judges: Carmen Electra and Travis Wall (It’s about stinkin’ time! Loved his jacket) Announcement: Blogger is being dumb and wont let me embed the videos. Instead, I’ve given you links. Enjoy!

Boys Group Routine New choreographer! Justin Giles (I wonder how they get the job?). His routine was about the seven stages of grief one man goes through when he finds out his partner is cheating on him (Shock, anger, denial, depression, guilt, bargain, and finally acceptance). The boys were simply amazing in this number. So much control and individuality in each of their emotions, each precise and purposeful. Poor Chris was in the back and off for a few counts, and Tad was off, too, but not as much as Chris. I loved the blending of all the emotions by the boys. Very well done. Welcome to the show, Justin. Favorite routine.

Marko & Melanie A Latin Jazz routine by Ray Leeper (newbie). It was a sort of Latin Romeo and Juliet. They’re introducing a lot of new choreographers this season. This dance was a combo of jazz and a Pasa Doble. Melanie would be great with Sonya—her movements are very….just wow. I couldn’t really focus on Marko because Melanie was just so good. But Travis commented that he was one of the strongest male dancers. Favorite routine.

Alexander & Sasha Hip-hop by Shaun Evaristo (Seriously, who are these people? What happened to the veterans??) Alex wants a kiss, but Sasha keeps denying him. So, this is hip-hop. So why is Alex such a ballerina? Wait! Because he is one. Seriously, he is a ballerina. But this routine was a good one. It was fun to watch and I thought they both did well, despite the fact that Alex forgot to bring along his swag. I really like Shaun as a choreographer. He did a great, fun, old school hip hop number. When I can’t remember when I started moving my feet and dancing with my shoulders, I know it’s a fun routine. Sasha and Alex made the dance look so easy and effortless. Fun, fun, fun. But the judges didn’t see it my way. Oh well. Favorite routine.

Jordan & Tad They had a waltz by Toni Redpath about a siren who seduces and then kills a sailor. What fun! But I hated the music. And all the fog. Not enjoyable for me and very distracting. I thought Jordan was too jerky with her movements and not as smooth as the waltz demands, and I think they lost their rise and fall somewhere in the fog. But, Mary thought differently. She loved it. It was good and entertaining, but not the best I’ve seen.

Clarice & Jesse A dance about the end of an intense love. Wow. This routine was A-MA-ZING. Hands down one of my all-time favorites from all 8 seasons. Not even kidding. This was choreographed by Justin Giles (officially one of my favorites now) I didn’t want to take my eyes off the TV to take notes because I didn’t want to miss even one count of the dance. Jess is so technically beautiful when he dances and Clarice is so smooth and natural. This really was a beautiful and emotional . Believable. So believable. This was the first time (besides the foxtrot) where Clarice and Jess actually looked like a couple. Their chemistry and emotion in this dance was so believable. The trust and synchronization they had was so organic and natural. Well done. Justin’s style is so unique—and addicting. I hope he’s around for much, much more. Favorite routine.

Ashley & Chris had a salsa routine by Liz Lira (newbie). OMG! I want Liz’s shoes! And Ashley’s dress. During the routine, it was visible that they struggled with the routine. Chris was so stiff and not looking like he was enjoying it in the least. His movements looked forced and Ashley’s looked rehearsed. I wasn’t really impressed, and the salsa is one of my favorite dances. It didn’t look like they were having fun at all. But I give credit where credit is due. It was a very difficult routine, and they pulled off respectably. And the ending was pretty darn sweet.

Ryan & Ricky Jazz by Chucky Klapow (newbie) about dead members of a fashion cult. He’s very Sonya-y. And I like it. Great opening by the dancers. Their movements were hard and strong and right on. I was very impressed, especially because it was so intense and high energy throughout the entire thing. I could tell Ryan was tiring out towards the end because her movements were mushy and only half there. She even toppled over on her last pirouette. Favorite routine.

Caitlynn & Mitchell I’m going to be up front. I didn’t like this contemporary routine by Mandy Moore (Holy cow! A veteran!) and not because it was a bad routine. I didn’t like the song choice used; it threw me out of the dance for the entire number. Their lifts, though, were so strong and smooth and natural. The judges loved it, gave it a standing O. Despite me not liking the dance, Caitlynn & Mitchell are a strong partnership and I like them a lot.

Girls group number by Ray Leeper. This. Was. Amazing. Such a fun number about a group of balck widows just coming from a funeral and looking for their next victims. Nigel’s reaction is the best way of describing this number. He was jumping up and down. Favorite routine.


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