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Break it down now!

Disclaimer: I am not happy with who the judges picked to go home last night. I’m kind of really upset about it, actually. But…what are you gonna do?

Announcement: National Dance Day is July 30th. Routines will be posted on July 6th at Remember, there are 3 routines to learn at three different levels.

The group number in the beginning was choreographed by someone I’ve never heard them mention before, Michael Rooney. And I wasn’t particularly impressed by the number. There wasn’t anything in there that made me say, “wow!”. It looked like eight couples dancing the same steps in a group. Which is COMPLETELY different than eight couples dancing together in a group number. If you didn’t notice it when you first saw it, look at it again and you’ll see what I mean.

The first group was Ashley & Chris, Ryan & Ricky, and Melanie & Marko. I figured it would be Ashley & Chris, since that’s who I wanted it to be, and I was right!

The second group of dancers brought out were Jordan & Tad, Miranda & Robert, and Sasha & Alexander. My thoughts at this point were that Miranda and Robert would be in the bottom three. When looking at the three routines represented, I figured that America would appreciate theirs the least. Right again. Bottom three they were.

The last group held Caitlynn & Mitchell and Clarice & Jess. Here, I thought it would be Clarice & Jess. I don’t think it will be much longer before they get the boot. But I was wrong! It’s was Caitlynn and Mitchell in the bottom!

While they prepared for their solos (by the way, does anyone else notice that the girls seem to get their solo outfits from the lingerie section at department stores?), there were two rather amazing performances. The first was Axis. It’s a dance company with both non-disabled and disabled dancers. The performance we saw last night was a guy and a girl, the guy in a wheelchair. It was so unique and original and special. And long.

The next performance had Hubby and I sitting, staring at the screen with our jaws to the floor. They were US Champion Theatrical Ballroom dancers. I really don’t have words to do it justice. Only that the lifts were amazing and the guy made the girl look like she was made of paper.

Solos. Who brought it? Chris, Miranda (her opening jump was a-ma-zing), Robert, Caitlynn, Mitchell (his solo was so amazing, and went by so fast). Who didn’t bring it? Ashley. I thought for sure it was going to be Ashley and Chris going home tonight.

But no. I was wrong. The judges sent home Miranda and Robert. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. Obviously, out of those six, Ashley & Chris were the weaker dancers. Kristin and Lil’ C were very unhappy with the decision to send those two home. But let me tell you, Ashley & Chris better go home next week (Or Clarice & Jess). But Roberts little speech at the end was very heart warming. He had a good time on the show and took a lot away from it, appreciating every moment and everybody.


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